Kaepernick and Nike

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Colin Kaepernick — martyr.

It’s a popular storyline. Too bad it’s wrong.    Continue reading ‘Kaepernick and Nike’


A Retrospective

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I’m going to assume that the reason for this is because my birthday is fast approaching, but I’ve been looking back and thinking a lot.  I would like to think that I’ve learned some things, but I know that the learning process is still just starting.  It’s almost like for the first 20 years of my life, I thought I knew everything while the last eight have mostly been realizing just how little I actually do or don’t, while this is the beginning of getting some wisdom related to what I know.  So what have I learned?   Continue reading ‘A Retrospective’

The Four Types of Adaptation

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I was having a discussion with a friend about film and that led into discussing various film adaptions and how they aren’t all created equal. So the question has to be asked, what makes a “good” adaptation? There is such a broad range and scope of material to deal with that, at first, the task feels insurmountable — however, most of them have a certain amount of similar characteristics that makes it possible to break them down into four broad categories; each with their own sets of rules and characteristics. Hopefully, by presenting this now, some people will have a better understanding of how I approach these kinds of films and some others will find it helpful for becoming a smarter moviegoer. Before beginning with the list, I would like to remind you that this is largely subjective and based on observation — it isn’t iron-clad or set in stone. If you have additions or suggestions, please put them in the comments below. And now, the four categories of adaptation with their strengths and weaknesses.   Continue reading ‘The Four Types of Adaptation’

The Sky Is Not Falling

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Wow. I said it. I’ve seen the squabbling and the outrage and the friendships breaking… and it has me concerned. This week, the Supreme Court of the United States has officially reinterpreted the 14th Amendment to include preventing the states from “discriminating” against same sex couples in issuing marriage licenses. Unsurprisingly, social media exploded. Some rejoiced, others snarled and a whole host of others wondered what the hell was going on.     Continue reading ‘The Sky Is Not Falling’

Mad Max: Breaking All The Rules

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Because “Max Mad: Fury Road” is unlike most films you will ever see, it can’t necessarily be reviewed the same way that other films can.  And that’s totally fine.     Continue reading ‘Mad Max: Breaking All The Rules’

Hands in the Cookie Jar — The Saga of Net Neutrality™

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— Author’s note: I apologize for the length of this post.  Source links have been added in parenthesis.–

It’s a story that has been told so many times that it is worth wondering if more people know about it than don’t.  Comcast, being one of the yeeeevil Telecom corporations with no desire greater than that of getting more money, strapped Netflix to the rack until they were willing to pay an extortioner’s fee to deliver their content to Comcast users; going so far as to intentionally throttle Netflix’s connection to the Comcast network unless they paid up.  So the problem got worse and worse until Netflix finally caved, bit the pillow, and paid Comcast’s blood money.  Here’s the problem… it’s not that simple.   Continue reading ‘Hands in the Cookie Jar — The Saga of Net Neutrality™’


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I try not to moan about being single. Part of that is simply healthy emotional boundaries (not everyone needs to know), part of it is avoiding clutter in the social media space (face it, most people don’t care), but mostly because I simply find it irritating. As a wise man once said, if you aren’t content with yourself as a single adult, you will never be happy being in a relationship. That said, it’s a topic that has come up a lot recently among various people I know, and I’m never one to back away from a hot button topic.   Continue reading ‘Undateable’