Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Idiot”

Well, so far, so bombing…  As some people may know, I used to run the electronics Dept. at a local retail store, and Al Gore’s film “An Inconvienient Truth” had been out, at the time I left, about two months.  And our store had sold a grand total offfff… four copies.  The reception for this film in rural America seems to have been colder than the polar ice caps Gore is trying to save.  But then again, maybe this is the grand idea to stop global warming… produce crappy films and let the audience’s boredom cool the mood of the planet. 

Earth to greenies, temperature fluctuations are NORMAL!  It is an established fact that the planet goes through climate cycles of warmer, and colder years.  While humanity’s economic activity is not helping the matter much, neither is selling a plastic disc that’s been shrink wrapped in plastic in a store that is using a monster amount of electricity 14 hours a day, seven days a week.  I’m sure that when, in twenty or so years when the earth has topped the peak of our current cycle and we have a year that is crazy cold, many people are going to claim armageddon is here and we are all going to freeze to death……. remind anyone of Y2K?

*What’s the MPG on that thing?!*

Now the fun part…. how does a guy with multi-millions of dollars, a mansion (I wonder what his heating bill looks like) and a private jet get away with blaming my little personal car for global warming?  Okay, I understand I’m dumping Carbon Monoxide and several other deadlies into the air and destroying the ozone layer… but I only drive maybe 60 miles a day.  Oh, and by the way… buying an energy efficient washing machine for a poor familiy without a washing machine doesn’t save as much energy as leaving the washing machine on the store shelf unplugged.  Plus, the majority of the “depletion of the ozone layer” does in fact happen at the poles, but the saturation of Ozone in the air can swing as much as 50% per day anyway.  I think we have really underestimated “Mother Nature’s” ability to defend herself anyway, but the real issue is… if there is some kind of resposibility to take care of the planet, why?  Does God expect us to care for it (I believe so) or are we just doing it to be nice to our kids?   Well…. what if someone doesn’t want kids?  Can’t they just run rampant?  Just remember, with entropy and the laws of thermodynamics, eventually this world will end… no matter what we do.

If we were to look at the situation honestly, what would we see?   We would see a man (Al Gore), championing a hot topic that he really doesn’t care about, to give lots of money to people he likes (aka… Hilarious Hillary’s Presidential Campaign).  And lets face it, it’s working… Al Gore has been one of the most vocal Ex-Vice President’s in our history.  Through his hype about Global Warming, he is getting interviews in all types of media, speaking engagements in some of the most prestigious universities in America, and now he is in a movie… it’s almost too much to bear.  Shoot, if being famous was that easy, maybe I should start an anti-nuke campaign out here!  Naw….. I’d get lynched on the way to the meeting… but then again, maybe it’s better that way.



~ by xristosdomini on April 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Idiot””

  1. YAY! I can comment on this one!!! Luv ya dude.

  2. Beware AL GORE when i die i want to be reincarnated as a EASTERN KINGBIRD and then i,ll fly over your next big fancy party and take a dump in your martini then i,ll run away all the hawks on your estate

  3. Al Gore is ablabbering stupidhead nit-wit with absolutly no brains

  4. Thank you, sir, for your superbly articulated and deeply inspiring response. If you have any further insight on the subject, please feel free to voice it to the nearest inebriate who will appreciate your genius.

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