For the times I feel faint….. or maybe I’m just tired…

 God has a sense of humor….. undeniably so.  Because just when I hit that moment of being soo tired and frazzled, I always come across something so freaking hilarious that I’m laughing for the next hour.

It was last night…. as I was about to go back to the apartments… and someone has a smart car…  I must admit, I took great joy in this fact.  The Smart Car is …. well… not smart.  In fact, it is pretty much retarded.  The Smart Car barely counts as a car… it’s just barely not a mo-ped.  It’s a roller-skate with a motor.  It’s a souped up Golf Cart… you could total it in a head-on collision with a mosquito.  The only reason it survives is that it uses very little gas… you pull up to the gas pump, pull out a thimble, fill the tank and you’re gone.  If you tried to put hydraulics in the stupid thing, one flick of the switch and you now have a home-made satellite. *flick….THUMP* “Well, he ain’t comin down…”  Were I to own one of these cars, I would sell it to a greenie(or maybe my core-leader… he wants one so he can put spinners and a sound system in the back) and buy a real car…



~ by xristosdomini on April 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “For the times I feel faint….. or maybe I’m just tired…”

  1. Yeah, a real car – that’s what I want, too. One with an alarm system that keeps going off even after it’s disconnected. One that requires all of the engines torque just to keep the air-conditioning compressor turning. One that has to be re-started every time you take a corner. One the junk guy says “doesn’t have a straight body panel”.

    Yeah, a real mans car, in a beautiful powderpuff blue…

  2. lol, yeah…. me and my crayola-car… it ran like it was drawn by a six-year old. Kind of looked like it too. At least all the cow-print disappeared before I actually bought it. And hey, the CD-player worked. Oh, and my car isn’t the only thing that “doesn’t have a straight body-panel”, so I guess we kind of matched.

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