Out of my league? Nay-nay!

Okay, so I’m in a class called “After God’s Own Heart” and as a class excercise, we had to take a verse out of Song of Solomon 1:1-5 and study it in class.  Me being me, I picked Song of Solomon 1:5 “I am dark, but I am lovely, O Daughters of Jerusalem…”  and so I started thinking about this verse.

Where do we gain confidence in love before God?  It begins by being in touch with our human condition (I am dark), and the stunning reality that God hasn’t slayed us all yet.  Not only do we need to acknowledge our condition, but we also need the humility to own up to it in public.  Christ made himself of no reputation, how can I be prideful enough to do otherwise?  I know I’m jacked up, God knows I’m jacked up… so why do I pretend I’m not when I’m around other jacked up people?  I am dark, but above all else…… I am loved.



~ by xristosdomini on April 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “Out of my league? Nay-nay!”

  1. I have often wondered at that.

    I get so invested in my veneer and pretences, it’s really easy to forget/deny thst God sees through all of that all the time. I *know* God isn’t fooled, but I get frustrated with myself anyway because deep down, my flesh wants to believe I can still control how others see me, and how God sees me, by little behavior tricks. It’s perhaps the ultimate exercise in futility. Ironically, I often find out after the fact that the only one who ever really fooled by my facade 100% … was me.

    And God loves us.

    I think the good news is that just as we are ineffective in projecting false goodness, we also seem to be utterly unable to conceal or eliminate the worth that God has placed in us – it’s a paradox. I wonder if the issue is that when we go carnal, we become blind and deluded – we lose our awareness of our value and become very inept at attacking it – it is only when we are pursuing God and responding to Him that we can begin to perceive the rich treasure He invests in us, and at that point hiding isn’t in our nature – embracing the refiner’s fire is.

    Woops – too long for a bumper sticker…

  2. Cool post! You go, dude!

  3. yeah… I usually try to stay just as un-philosphical as possible on the internet (excluding message boards and chat rooms… I just like to fight in there), but I wrote it, thought it was cool and shared it. One of these days I will post some of my notes on Romans 1.

  4. I’m personally counting the minutes until you post your notes…
    Post, Adam, Post.

  5. Don’t leave us in suspense!!!! Ple-e-e-e-e-e-e-ease! We wanna see notes!!!!

  6. lol, gimme a minute….. I need the free time first.

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