This really bums me up…

Pardon the Chevy Chase quote there, but I have learned some wisdom the hard way.  Wisdom: Never play soccer with a volleyball in an asphalt parking lot.  The frustrating thing is the smart alecs who tell you you should have known better.  Hey, it was a good idea at the time, so leamme ‘lone.  Wisdom: when running on an asphalt parking lot… well…. never run on an asphalt parking lot.  You notice you never really see girls injuring themselves doing some of the stupid things guys do… I think because they already know it is a dumb idea.  So yeah…… I busted my knee on the ground.  One of these days I might post pictures! (j/k)  I can see it now… “This blog rated R for violence!” (actually, probably more like G for gross…)  I have learned… small rocks are slippery when you run.  I tried to stop and my foot diddn’t. I tried to play it off like I decided suddenly to pray… nobody bought it.

 Wisdom: Duct Tape is not friendly to leg hairs.  What more can I say?  When all you have is medical gauze and duct tape, you make do with what you got.  So I hobbled around for about 12 hours with a redneck bandage… and then decided to get smart and go to walmart.  Wisdom: Hydrogen Peroxide stings like there is no tomorrow.  Yes, its true… sometimes I would rather amputate a limb with a butter knife than use HO3 on a bad cut.  Wisdom: If you do something smart like playing soccer on a non-soccer surface with a non-soccerball……. do it in secret, because then when you reap the rewards of your “cunning” you will be the only one who knows what you did… you stupid moron.


PS. *ow*


~ by xristosdomini on April 22, 2007.

8 Responses to “This really bums me up…”

  1. That’s sooo pitiful…

  2. Oh no! Koobie is SO pitiful!!!

  3. yeah, and my knee hurts!

  4. so that explains the nasty knee… i was wondering.
    sorry dude. that stinks.

    wanna play frisbee in the street sometime?

  5. Sounds fun… maybe we can throw down some spike strips and tarantulas just to make things “interesting”!

  6. I have to say i’m glad you did that….theres someone in this world thats a bigger kluts than i am yay!

  7. Hey, it’s what I’m here for.

  8. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t Chevy Chase who said that but rather Dan Aykroyd as Yortuk Festrunk (from the “wild and crazy” Czech brothers sketch).

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