Life, as I see it…

Okay, where am I now? I’m still in the internship… and still feeling tired as heck.  Although there was some excitement recently.  First off, one of my roomates is in need of some prayer as a medical condition has worsened and the hospital won’t get him a hard fast date for surgery until June.  Now, by law, if the condition get’s to “emergency” level the hospital has to do surgery immediately… but we are praying it doesn’t get that far.

Second, Welcome back to IHOP, Deryck Box!  I love that guy’s CD, and he’s disappeared for a while.  Just recently he led worship again at one of our EGS services, and it’s good to have him back around.

Lastly, excitement on stage Tuesday night!  So I’m in briefing for our 2AM worship with the Word set, and I notice that Dave, our drummer was strangely absent.  As we left the briefing room to head out for transition, he still had not shown up yet.  So I asked one of our worship leaders who was playing drums tonight. “Hmm… I don’t know!?” cam the response.  So there I am sweating bullets thinking I’m about to have a two hour solo… just me and my djembe.  Then I realize that time stops for no man as the minutes crawl by into the set… 2:05,……2:10…… still nothing in the drum cage……2:15… that’s when Dave shows up with kind of a puzzled look on his face and sets about work in the drum booth.  So it wasn’t a solo, but it was enough to worry me.  Not that I am scared of playing, but it was unnerving to think I might be all by my little lonesome with no warning.  What can I say?  I like having another drummer so I can cover up if I majorly blow it.



~ by xristosdomini on May 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Life, as I see it…”

  1. It almost always sounds better with a drum to keep the beat. Play with boldness, Mr. Adam percussion man. It matters…

  2. You could always add a little to your own rythym if you wanted to… Say, maybe, a little “Boom, shalagalaga, boom!” It would be too cool!

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