The rhythm of life… not really

Musicians are interesting people… they can seem so chill, but the second you touch that button, they manifest. Over here at the church service, they have a booth/flyer for the music department of the Bible school that says specifically “Training instrumentalists in the context of 24/7 prayer and worship.” One of my roommates asked what an Instrumentalist was, and the answer was “A musician without the attitude.” Now, I feel okay saying this because I am one now… but I hope I’m not a jerk about my music, my instruments, or just a jerk in general.

All that being said, I don’t get what the draw is with drums for the… um… musically challenged. If you set a guitar in corner of a room, it is rare that someone who doesn’t know what they are doing goes over, picks it up, and plunks around on the strings. Conversely, if you have, say, a djembe in the corner, everyone who walks through the room tries to play it. Not that I mind this practice that much, but a) it isn’t very delicate on the ears, b) it gets you in trouble with the neighbors, and c)…… not many people have the natural rhythm to play the djembe. Okay, I must admit that I take some merriment when someone says “Oh, I got skills…” and then tries to play something and fails miserably. I know that isn’t very sermon on the mount of me, but it gives me an opportunity to show off. Alright, I just like having my ego stroked.

If someone watches a really good guitarist, it’s intimidating to look at. Your fingers have to be nimble, you need to memorize a lot of stuff, and you have to have an ear for music. I think this all has something to do with the fact that percussion doesn’t look that intimidating to learn. “Well all you do is sit there and hit it… I can do that!”… no, you really can’t. For instance, last night our drummer on the 2-4 picked a perfect tempo for the first cycle, so while he played a 4/4 rhythm on the drum kit, I played a 3/4 over the top of it, and it sounded awesome. Come back to the apartments, someone said, “Wow, you were really enjoying yourself up there, eh?” while picking up my drum… “you did something like this, right?” I sat there, smiled, and said, “something like that…” **I couldn’t even pick out a definite beat from that…** I dunno, maybe I should learn something a little more complicated like flugal horn or oboe…



~ by xristosdomini on June 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “The rhythm of life… not really”

  1. Can’t you see me playing an oboe… it would be comical…

  2. I think you need one of those blue-man pipe contraptions that’s something between a marimba and a toilet farm.

    Or boomwhackers! That would be great!

  3. that’s so true… i play auxiliary percussion instruments in general and always found it really entertaining in that “endearing” kind of way when people who had no percussive rhythm thought they would “show me a few things”. yes. always a treat. : )

  4. Kacie! I didn’t know you played! And yes, it is rather endearing… especially in a crowded environment where there are plenty of people to “endear” themselves to you.

  5. Oh, and as for the blueman thingy, Learning to play it would be one thing… getting approved for it and getting it on stage is another thing entirely…

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