Ack! I’m Sweating!!!!

Okay, so the G-8 summit has said that one of their main priorities this time around is climate change… the current President (the guy everbody hates because he actually has a backbone), has said that he will oppose a binding treaty or policy to work on the so-called “Greenhouse emissions”… then you have the candidate wanna-be (John Edwards… the guy none of us trusted enough to elect him VICE-president) getting news coverage begging the president to cave to the pressure of the climate change agenda. Here is something interesting to think about:

The earth has hot and cold cycles… guys analyzing the ice core samples have said that CO2 in the air have been at levels this “high”… 2000 years ago… before the industrial revolution…

Al Gore admitted that the temperature rise is preceding the CO2 increases right now.

This is all a very timely debate what with the Presidential campaigns getting into gear.

With Lou Engle and his crew in the middle of their forty day fast leading up to 07/07/07 The Call: Nashville, I find it very interesting that there is also a counter-issue being put smack dab on the radar screen to distract people from out outstanding moral issue. Here’s the scoop on July 7th…

Al Gore
Hosting a meeting on July 7th
Calling the nation to awareness of an issue
Renting out Giant Stadium in San Francisco
Calling on Humanity to save ourselves
Focused on nothing in particular
Capactiy….. 80-90,000

Lou and his guys
Hosting a meeting on July 7th
Calling the nation to awareness of an issue
Renting out Titan Stadium in Nashiville
Asking God to save us from ourselves
Focused on the Song of Solomon
Currently drawing 100,000+

Deuteronomy 33- I have set before you today life and death, blessings and curses. Therefore, choose life that you might live.

Pray- rend your heart and not garment.


~ by xristosdomini on June 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “Ack! I’m Sweating!!!!”

  1. Sorry if this felt a little heavy-handed…… I’ll try and be funny next week…

  2. Some things call for heavy handed…

  3. Wouldn’t it be a bummer to discover that God intends the earth to get a little warmer just now, so that we don’t end up in a catastrophic ice age in a few years?

  4. lol… won’t it be a bummer for these people who are stressed out about global warming at the end of the age when there is a lake of fire on the earth? You want to talk about global warming? Try enternal damnation amidst the fire of the wrath of God 😉 and yes, my tongue was fully in my cheek when I said that.

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