More pork than a Texas BBQ…

Okay, so I’ve done some looking around on wordpress (thanks to my political tags), and I have seen “much evil under the sun.”(King Solomon, Ecclesiastes… check it out sometime) I’m noticing the political climate has changed much… first off, it seems that everybody hates the media. The republicans call it slanted liberalist crap, and the liberals call it Neocon warmongering…… A good compromise leaves everybody mad. Secondly, the whole thing that guys like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were warning about with the DNC in control… they are kind of coming true. The largely liberalist blogs on WordPress are all about how Bush is talking out of both sides of his mouth because he isn’t going to pass a “Homeland Security Appropriations Bill!” Meanwhile the more conservative blogs are championing his “curbing of pork barrel spending.” Lets face it, these are both opinions of authors with more time than brains or information (mostly), and either way you slice it, it ain’t looking that great for anybody.

The military spending bills for the war in Iraq have so much extra spending involved that the taxes would have needed a significant hike just to cover it all. So now, not only do the troops not have the funding they need (thank you, congress…), but “those poor farmers in California don’t have any government grants to cover their loss in the E-coli outbreak!” Priorities have been so jacked up lately, that the idea of the antichrist coming doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Nobody seems to have much of an idea that all this political stuff is still just a smoke-screen covering up our bigger issues… abortion being the real big one. I’ll admit, I’ve lost my taste for actively fighting against gay-rights because it does nothing; the problem still exists. I think the time for the line-item veto has fully come… if we expect to get anything done, it needs be possible to reject certain parts of a bill. The flip-side being, what happens when we elect an unrighteous president? May God have mercy that we never find out.

So what about the current showdowns in the Presidential campaigns? I’m glad you asked. Almost nobody will like this answer… it’s really slim pickin’s right now. My personal opinions? A) if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be our first, and last female president. Not just because she will most likely get us in such a mess that nobody would trust a female in the office again, but because wickedness would increase at such a dramatic rate that it would bring on the Antichrist and the end of the known world. B) Barak Obama has almost no experience in international politics. In fact, the only real qualifications he can point to are that he’s black and he has high hopes (and some really bad policies). C) Sam Brownback has done a heck of a job standing up for pro-life legislation, and props to him for that. However, he doesn’t seem to want to keep fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people (a highly irresponsible stand at this point in time), and if he is elected, it will leave a power vacuum into which the governor of Kansas (highly pro-choice) can step with both feet. D) John McCain… I just don’t trust the guy. At this point I can truly say that there is not one “perfect candidate” (no duh, right?) but I do have some suggestions…

Condoleeza Rice… Settles the racial and gender issue all at once, and she’s done very well as secretary of State
Newt Gingrich… The guy who really brought some character back to the Clinton years, too bad it didn’t filter up-line, eh?
Michael Reagan… Probably has no interest in running, but I was greatly impressed with his character during his Father’s funeral.

Anyway, that’s my rantings,


~ by xristosdomini on June 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “More pork than a Texas BBQ…”

  1. Rant-o-riffic!

  2. lol… nice…

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