Welcome to my world!

Okay, as we are about to happen upon yet another July the 4th, here is where I am right now.  The job search is officially over!  And yes, I am going to be at Target again.  So now, not only am I moved out of my parents house, but I am moved out of my parents house, and I have a job!  DANG, when did I grow up?  I’m also about to drop my application for FSM, so I will be starting up school in January!

Other things, congratulations to my parents on getting out of Oklahoma and under the same roof!  Just in time to avoid the massive floods and the oil spill.  I hope Philadelphia is everything they say it is.

Now to the rest of the world.  President Bush seems to be actively trying to crucify himself with his politics.  Okay, I understand he is in charge and does what he thinks is best… I don’t even think it was “wrong” do lower Scooter Libby’s sentance… but that was probably the single most volatile thing he could have done regarding this case at this time.  I would think that maybe he should have left Libby sitting in prison and let the whole CIA thing drop.  The fun bit is that the politician goes to prision, but the journalist goes scott-free… I think they should have canned both of them, but that is just me.  Also, there seems to be something up with Russia… I’m not one to think that every attempt they make at progress is a return to the ages of the USSR, but there is something they don’t want getting out.  There is a missle DEFENSE system that the US is wanting to set up in Poland and Russia is throwing a fit about it.  Something in me says that there is something going on they don’t want anyone else to know about.  But hey, if they are in bed with Iran, anything is possible.



~ by xristosdomini on July 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Welcome to my world!”

  1. Whiplash alert – golly, my neck is so sore.

    (1) Philadephia is cool so far.

    (2) A grown man whose first name starts with “I” and is less desirable than either “Lewis” or “Scooter” has already been punished enough. What is it anyway? Irene? Ichabod?

    (3) Russia’s well-founded concern about western “encirclement” is that we might start broadcasting Rosie on Voice of America, and they wouldn’t be able to get away. I know I’d sure want to keep the nuclear option open…

    Target hired one of my most favorite grown-ups.

  2. yay target! will you give me a discount if i come in?

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