Axe-ing Fantasies.

For those of you who have been following my epic saga of moving out and starting a life on my own, I have a new chapter to write.  As a full-fledged IHOP person, I now have more time commitments then I know what to do with.  Admittedly, it’s nice to have a schedule, on the other hand… Dang!  I grew up somewhere back there!  Suddenly, I have two jobs that are both physically and mentally demanding (goes to show you what happens when you grow up), one pays nothing and the other pays next-to-nothing.  Welcome to the world of the old people, eh?  Oh, and I have officially been accepted to Forerunner School of Ministry now, so I will, in fact, be starting school in January.  I quote:

“Dear Adam,


You have been accepted to the Forerunner School of Ministry.  We are so excited that you have chosen to pursue the knowledge of God in an atmosphere of prayer and fasting.  It is rare in the Western world today to find young people who have chosen to reject the lesser pleasures of the world for the eternal and glorious pleasures of heaven.  We believe that God is raising up messengers who will problaim the knowledge of God and we are excited that you have heard this call.

 This Acceptance Handbook has been designed to prepare you for the upcoming semester so you can jump into the school with as understanding of our expectations and procedures.  Please take a moment to read/sign, and/or complete the attached forms to complete and confirm your acceptance.  Please return the Acceptance Card by the date on the card.  All other forms can be brought to the first day of Orientation.  See page 4 in this handbook for more information.

Please bring this handbook with you to Orientation as you will use it frequently as a reference throughout your first week and into the entire year.

We look forward to welcoming you in January.

This is currently a Fall Acceptance Packet and we will send you updated information when it gets closer to Spring.

In His Matchless Name,

The FSM Leadership Team”

Admittedly, I feel a little bit of pressure.  On the one hand, school is off my mind until January.  On the other hand, I totally feel the gravity of what I am getting into.  There are times I think I must be in way over my head.  Shoot, I’ve moved out, gotten accepted to College, gotten a job, and gone on IHOP staff in the span of about 6 weeks.  I find that life is way more glamorous when I am asleep.  When I’m dreaming about life, I’m never rushed… never off-tilt… always have a dazzling white smile… you know, the normal “dream-type” stuff.  When I’m actually in life, I feel really rushed, I haven’t quite got my undershorts on just right, and when I do smile, it’s probably crooked.  Maybe I’m just cynical… but its a really good thing God loves me so I don’t just fly apart when nobody is looking.

 Back in the real world…  I got off work being totally stressed out, went to Wal-Mart to get some glueboxes (I’m not a real fan of my four-legged roommate), and decided to stop by the prayer room to see what Clay Edwards’ team was up to in the 10PM devo.  I went in, sat down… twenty minutes later I sighed really hard (I’m surprised nobody heard me), and went home feeling much better about myself as a human being.  I go home, and wonder of wonders!  One of my roommates is playing Legend of Zelda on the Wii.  A typical night in our household… obviously.  Not that it really mattered to me.  I sat down and watched for a little while, and then retreated to the basement for a little alone time.  I admit, I’m starting to really appreciate silence and solitude.  If I can get 30 minutes with no noise… no screaming kids, no worries… no sounds of a mouse running through the A/C vent… I feel so much better about myself at the moment in time.  Many people I talk to say it takes them an hour or so to wind down from work… I find that if I am by myself, I only need about a half-hour.  All it really takes is flinging my work shirt as far away from me as the room allows and changing into a pair of shorts… and I’m a new man.  Oh… I joined IHOP staff this past week, so I am now officially assimilated into the bubble that is 3517 E. Red Bridge Road.  Anyway, that is what is happening right now in my life… just thought I would share a little of life on the internet.



~ by xristosdomini on July 30, 2007.

8 Responses to “Axe-ing Fantasies.”

  1. Can I just say three things?

    1) I’m super proud to be your sister.
    2) I’m praying for you.
    3) Your writing is getting better and better all the time. I love being able to read what’s going through your head.

  2. You are a real man. It shows.

    Btw: catch’em lil mousie, smash’em face!

  3. “I find that life is way more glamorous when I am asleep.” Too funny, and oh boy, do I know what you mean! Awesome turn of phrase.

    By the way, I think everybody goes through what you are describing when they are just starting out, so hang in there, it gets better. I’m proud of you! You’re doing great! (I’m growingly impressed with your writing, too!)

  4. Everybody probably does… but this is me we are talking about. FSM doesn’t know what they are in for, you know?

  5. I bet they do! Don’t you think Stuart warned them? Maybe that’s why you have to wait a few months to start; they are reinforcing the walls for when you show up and bounce off them. 😉

  6. welcome to staff and adulthood on your own, young beattie. it’s going to be a wild ride…

  7. Lol, thanks. I didn’t know life came with a welcome-wagon. As for the wild-ride bit, it already has been… now that I have lost my lunch on the big hill, let the rollercoaster begin in earnest.

  8. oh, and so far the mousetraps have been a no-go… I can’t seem to trick the little bugger.

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