Since when?!?!?!

Okay, I don’t know when, and I don’t know why…  But for some reason President Bush has been saddled with being “the worst President in our history”.  WHY?!?!  Oh yeah… I forgot, he’s republican… he has a backbone… he isn’t as concerned about Global Warming as Algore… what’s not to hate, I guess.  If, after reading this post, some may call me “ignorant”, I cautiously note that I am not the one with a problem.

He got us into a war!  Well…… so did Lincoln, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower.  A President going to war is not a new thing.  The sad thing is that if the politicians currently on the hill (sans el Presidente) were in office back in WWII, German would be the official language of Europe, and I highly doubt that Israel and the US would be as close buddies as they are.

He lied about the wiretapping thing!  Presidents are not known for being incredibly honest.  Nixon had Watergate, Carter and Reagan had the whole Iran-Contra thing, JFK had the Cuban Missile crisis… Clinton had Monica… more than once.  As for the wiretapping in and of itself, I’m not making a ton of calls to the middle east, and I’m not talking about blowing up important buildings… so I think I’ll be okay if they are listening to people that are.

 He isn’t protecting the environment!  Global warming first started becoming a political issue in the late 90’s under Clinton.  Notice, Reagan didn’t knuckle under to the Sierra Club either.

He’s appointing conservative judges to the Supreme Court!  So?  Where is there a law that says that President can appoint anyone to be a judge that he likes, unless they aren’t liberal enough?  Last time I checked, precedents can be changed by a liberal dimwit saying that something is unconstitutional and we just have to like it or lump it… which means they can be reversed by a conservative Supreme Court and it is perfectly legal.  I think Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton just don’t really like the idea that someone can use their most loyal weapon to their disadvantage.

He’s passing tax cuts! And the bad news is?  I actually like having more of my money in my pocket, or else, having my employer have enough money to pay me more.  I know, selfish me, right?

He’s A Republican!  Well shucks, you got me there… should I be getting a torch and a pitchfork about now? (sarcasm)  For the love of pike, I don’t remember people wanting to impeach Clinton because he was a Democrat… I remember people wanting to impeach Clinton because he A) perjured himself, B)had more sex scandals than Paris Hilton, and C) just came across as a slimeball.  Admittedly, impeaching Clinton set a bad precedent for Congress (8 US attorneys fired, need I say more) in the area of issuing subpeonas and kicking off witch hunts.  But unless someone gets the DNC under control, they are going to drift further and further left until they look every bit as kooky as their strongest supporters.

 Power to the People!



~ by xristosdomini on August 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Since when?!?!?!”

  1. Thanks for a refreshing approach regarding President Bush. The Libs have been non-stop in their attacks on the man. Yet, they have the most pitiful group of so-called leaders in the history of government. It’s like the clown car stopped and unloaded on the Democratic side of the circus.

    I supported the war from the beginning for all the right reasons, now I have added another reason: to prove the Libs wrong!

  2. Oh Adam, you paint with a broad broad brush indeed.

    Some of us still remember Jimmy Carter, and know from experience who the worst president ever was…

  3. Lol… for the sake of all my readers I decided to leave Carter alone… Although that last book he wrote was pretty bad. I guess my real point is that everything people complain about with Bush has happened before with other Presidents, so saying he is the worst is “kind of” a biased judgment.

    As for madmouser, my thanks for the comment, it was my pleasure to defend the President… again.

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