Making waves, and loving it.

On 8/4/07, my blog passed a milestone… Yes, I reached more than forty hits in one day.  While I could probably chalk it up to having a couple of really wordy titles, or having a really political post containing the words “idiot” and “Bush” in them.  Myself, I would like to think that it’s just that I am a highly intelligent person, and a fantastic writer… and relatively good looking multi-millionaire to boot.  For any of my new regular readers, I will try to come up with another interesting post for you guys here in a little bit.

Thanks for stopping in,



~ by xristosdomini on August 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Making waves, and loving it.”

  1. *waves at you* Get it? Making waves?

    😉 I know, I know. Boo hiss.

    But at least I’m not claiming to be a multi-millionaire.

  2. I keep thinking it would be fun to write a post with some fairly random sentences or phrases at the beginning, just to see how many people would randomly google their way to me… But then I chicken out…


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