Humble pie, With a side of foot, thanks…

Would you like your words with that?  Okay, no charge, it’s a curtesy of life.

  Yeah, so recently I bought a brown suede hoslter for my phone.  Not because I was into the cosmetics, but because I was worried that my phone might fall out of my pocket whilst I rode about in my car.  This happened just after I had had a conversation with one of my roomates about that verse that talks about life being a “momentary, light affliction.”  Now, fast forward a week or so…

I am leaving work, and one of my coworkers had a dead car battery.  So while two of my other coworkers attempted to start this person’s car, I stood watch for safety reasons.  After that, I went to WalMart to do some grocery shopping, and that was fun.  After getting out, I realized that I should turn my phone on and check my messages… when wonder of wonders, my phone is gone.  The holster fell out of my pocket… the very thing I was hoping to avoid.  I cleaned out my car, I checked the lost and found at work and at walmart, and interrogated my coworkers… my phone is just gone… out, floating around Kansas City nowhere to be found.  To avoid being over dramatic, let me say that for a while I felt like the heel of the Body of Christ.  Now, I feel a little better because I have heard of a couple of people that have lost their cell phones recently… at both of my jobs.  So I don’t feel QUITE so unprecendentedly stupid.

 The fun bit is that life never feels like a “momentary light affliction” when you are in the middle of being afflicted.  So if you want to talk irony, you got it.  I found it interesting that I started talking about how little life’s little problems acutally mean, and then I get a couple of them… and they feel neither light nor momentary.  Admittedly, part of it is me blowing it out of proportion…. but it still doesn’t feel very good either….  Just keep telling yourself that it’s a light and momentary affliction… maybe it will help.



~ by xristosdomini on September 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “Humble pie, With a side of foot, thanks…”

  1. yeah, i hear ya. Its crazy how God brings a topic to our attention, and then he’s funny enough to let us have a “hands-on experience” in order to fully grasp the concept. Sounds like a college course full of lab assignments to demonstrate that we actually “get it.” Thanks God, for not failing me in the course of “Life” when Your truths just can’t seem to make it through my thick skull.

    Thanks for your transparency in this post!

  2. Lol… it always amazes me how much God’s sense of humor can be so inconvenient to our domestic tranquility. The thing that makes all of this really hard is that I know that whatever happens will turn out in my best interest… it just doesn’t always feel like it at the time. So yeah, I’m also amazed at how much I took my phone for granted. I got to the point where I was wishing for someone to talk to because they wanted to talk to me and not because they had to be around me… even a wrong number would have been a relief of sorts. Maybe I’m too tied to my phone, eh?

  3. Poor Adam… I’m sending you an email I got just yesterday that seems very apropo… Enjoy!

  4. lol, thanks… now I feel guilty about loosing my cell phone and not carrying my Bible in my pocket… It’s a nice idea, though.

  5. I thought you’d like it… If it helps any, it made me feel guilty, too!

  6. So… this is a way delayed comment, but…

    I carry my Bible in my cell phone. Would the artible make me feel guilty, too?

  7. lol, no…. you kill two birds with one megabyte… props to you, madame.

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