An “ecclesiastical” view of speech.

So, in my short hiatus from writing regularly, I’ve had some time to think.  Specifically, thinking about how often it is to use too many words to say absolutely nothing at all.  Now, this can be read and written several different ways… Using a lot of words but not really saying anything.  But then again, if we are using real words, how can we actually be saying NOTHING?  If you want to be philosphical, even nothing is something.  So then no matter what we say or what we talk about, it is impossible to actually say NOTHING…  If your lip is flapping you are saying something; just remember that that something may actually be nothing.  Oh, and sometimes nothing is anything, and according to King Solomon, everything is nothing anyway.  In case of brain bleed, look away from the computer screen.  So, in a world where nothing can be anything, everything is nothing, and nothing is actually something… I think we can all agree asprin is a Godsend.



~ by xristosdomini on September 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “An “ecclesiastical” view of speech.”

  1. Aspirin??? Are you kidding? I need Ibuprofen!!!

  2. Solomon: There is nothing new under my son…

  3. If you need to hear and example of saying lots of words but saying actually nothing, try any of the presidential candidate debates; pretty much either party will do it.

  4. lol, don’t get me staaaaaaarted. The political scene is messy enough without someone trying to analyze the worth of the words of a politician…..

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