The Jack makes an Ace of himself…

Okay, as some of you know, being on the NightWatch is akward for a normal life.  On the one hand, it feels really good to completely reorient your life around God.  On the other hand, good luck finding a decent cup of Chai at midnight.  Socially it’s akward… try explaining to your “normal” co-workers that your other job is overnight, and what you do is pray… you get some strange looks.  However, everyone I work with at the International House of Prayer at least understands some of my dilemma.

So yeah, being up all night means many things… including the possibility of being perpetually tired.  However, due to this fact, often times Starbucks seems like a Godsend.  As I alluded to earlier, it is very difficult to find a good cup of Chai late at night.  That fact became one of pressing importance tonight, seeing as how I had to get up at a completely ungodly hour to go to work… okay, it was 12:45 PM, but for me that is hecka early (usually I wake up around 2:30).  So I get off work, look at my watch, and I have two minutes to get to Starbucks before they shut down (I didn’t actually know this at the time, I thought I had another hour).  So I pull up to curb and think to myself, “my this place looks abandoned… well, the lights are on and there are people at that table on the patio…”.  So I’m walking across the parking lot, also thinking that those people at the table look very familiar, but I couldn’t place them… it was dark, what can I say.

So I’m walking up to the door, reaching for the handle, when my peripheral hearing picks up someone saying “Adam, I think they locked the door already…” just in time for the loud, cinematic **thunk!** of lock hitting lintel.  My initial reaction was my trademarked high-pitch, psuedo-scratchy-scream “DARN IT!”   Suddenly I heard a chourus of female “aww”s coming from the table…  I look up, and who should I see buuuuuut, Leah Morgan, Saida Rogers, and Esther Greaves… (there was a fourth person at the table, I think it was Alisha, but I’m not sure)… so now I’m all kinds of embarrased, because that wasn’t a very mature, put together kind of sound to make.  I’m sure my face was glowing a bright, blush red as I walked away…

 To be short, my “coolness” cover had been blown to tiny bits… all over the NightWatch… but then again, I don’t think anybody had any real delusions about me to begin with either.



~ by xristosdomini on September 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Jack makes an Ace of himself…”

  1. You’re still cool, trust me.

  2. What, because I had the guts to post this story on the internet? My coolness fled the second I lost control of my exclaimations… It just feels cool to see someone so honest about their uncool moments… which is quite ironic on the philosophical level.

  3. I think you can find comfort in two things:

    1: You chose to say “darn it” rather than something else (and less wholesome).
    2: It was dark, so they probably didn’t see your blush.

    So see? Your cool is safe…

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