The Chronicles of Life…

… and death and everything between…. (yep, it’s a good charlotte song).

So what is up with me?  This going to be my “ton-of-random-short-posts” post, so bear with me…

I have officially started my new position at my employer.  Okay, it pays more… and that is nice.  I also have an amazing guilt when I realize that my actions are directly affecting the reality of the life of another human being.  It’s a sobering thought to say the least.  Apparently, I also look very different wearing the rent-a-cop uniform.  A friend of mine– you know who you are 😉 –came into the store, and saw me… her reaction?  “Hey A-hahahahahahahah!!!!!!  That’s awesome!”

Oh, and I am an official driver….  I found that amidst the grand farce that is life, the one time all four of my car doors are locked is also the one time I leave the keys sitting on the driver’s seat.  I now thank God every day for the wonderful people over at T-mobile for contacting “pop-a-lock KC” for me… and keep hoping that I will be cured of my physical comedic “talents”.  Yes, I locked my keys in my car, and TROADS very kindly (mercifully) called a locksmith to help me out of my perdicament… I’m sure they get real kick out of hearing just how klutzy their customer’s kids can be.

It looks like I might have a job at IHOP-KC as a sound tech.  I am very excited.  The idea of being a part of a worship team again just gets me a buzz that you wouldn’t believe.  Oh, and for the curious, I would be with Jill Marsh’s team at least until Andy Blake gets back in town.

The world is also officially jacked up.  Need proof?  For those who don’t want to read the link, I’ll give you a synopsis…  ABC airs an episode of Desperate Housewives where one of the characters goes to see an OBGYN.  During the visit, said character makes a joke saying “Can I check those diplomas again?  Just to make sure they aren’t, like, from some med school in the Philippines?”  That little bit of scriptese started a whole slew of complaints from various people… including, but not limited to Filipino legislators, Filipino Americans (yes, you read that right), and PC whackos from all over.  Now, Teri Hatcher’s character was highly believeable in saying that line, because it is exactly what her character would say in such a situation.  And until now, it has gone largely under the radar.  Now, I’m all for being nice and polite… but are you serious?!?!?!  As of yesterday morning (Wednesday), there were more than 30,000 names on a petition to have the episode either censored, edited, or removed entirely.  Here is the fun bit, everyone is saying ABC needs to issue a public apology (which they already have), and make a more overt gesture to “reach out” to minorities…  The guy that gets quoted is a 29 year old Filipino-American who is a “College Lecturer”… let me tell you gets listed in the article…  “Kevin Nadal, 29, a Filipino-American college lecturer who lives in New York, posted the online petition calling ABC to task for the scene.

“I had to rewind it over and over again to make sure I heard it right,” Nadal said in an interview Wednesday. He watched the episode online after hearing about it from a friend……

Filipinos and other minorities also should be depicted on TV as “prominent, positive role models,” Nadal said.”  Yep, ABC is getting massive ratings online for throwng rocks at a hornets nest, and apparently, we need more minority people on Television.  And nobody says anything about needing “positive role models” for white kids.  “Hey look, CBS is doing a new sit-com of a dumpy, white father who likes to drink a lot and has horrible parenting skills…. lets give it an emmy!”

I’m sure I will have something else interesting to say later today, so check back tonight…



~ by xristosdomini on October 4, 2007.

6 Responses to “The Chronicles of Life…”

  1. I’m sure you’re quite dashing in your uniform. Pictures please!

  2. BTW: Do you know the motions to “YMCA”?

  3. hehe…

    your shoes were so shiny…

  4. lol, shiny they are… Leather? They certainly ain’t. Try vinal… a really shiny vinal that absorbs any kind of malodorous scent that comes within a block of said shoes. Thank God for Odor Eaters.

  5. oh, and I do know the motions to YMCA… and my village has been missing their idiot for some time now… it’s nice to know you are missed.

  6. You mean “vinyl”? Either way, I’m sure your co-workers and roommates thank God for Odor-Eaters, too!

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