Social Commentary in a Minor Key…

Yes, the brave new world has hit a bold new low…. and what a thump did they make when they hit it.  I don’t like to call people dumb or idiotic (not in front of them, anyway), but someone fell out of the “stupid” tree and hit every branch on the way down… I think they took out a few robin’s nests too… and everyone still wants to know if they made a sound when they hit the forrest floor (lets face it, there wasn’t anyone else in the room).

Yeap, the winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize has been announced.  “Who, oh who is the winner?” Some might ask.  The answer?  Nope, not Bono for his “Feed Africa Campaign”.  Not Oprah for the Angel Network.  Not even Jimmy Carter for producing yet ANOTHER book about how peace in the Middle East is as simple as “can’t we all just get along?!?!”  No, the winner of this prize was too illustrious to have these mere mortals named in the same breath as his name………. Al Gore! (Why do I hear crickets chirping and shotguns cocking?)

 Yes, the Swedish Royal Acadamy of Sciences (the Nobel Committee) has deemed fit to pronounce Al Gore (and the UN committee on Climate Change) as the single largest contributer to world peace… that kind of sours the outlook of the past year, doesn’t it?  I mean, okay, I understand why they weren’t lining up to give the award to Bush (what with being in the middle of two wars that are part of a much larger one), but come on… there has to have been someone better to give the award to.  All that Gore has managed to do is (A) create a boring and factually incorrect (according to the German court system) documentary (B) stregnthen opinions that were already made (C) gain some more weight and (D) have his son get arrested for possession… how is that the resume of a Nobel Laureate, let alone someone who won the Peace Prize?  Oh, yeah, there was that “Live Earth” thing on July 7th… but other than bring together a lot of musical acts in one of the biggest parties of all time, what did it accomplish?  Not much, from where I sit.

 In the world of academia, the wheel seems to be spinning, but with this stain on the peace prize and lack of brainpower behind their choice of victor, the hamster is quite obviously pushing up dasies (or dandelions, depending on your politics).  Last time I checked, no wars have been started or ended because of Global Warming… or “An Inconvenient Truth”… or even Al Gore, now that I think about it.  The only thing I remember about Al Gore and military knowledge was the sparse carpet bombing of Iraq during the whole “Monica thing”, and turning tail and running away from Kosovo (then called Bosnia).  At least Clinton managed to get Israel and the PLO to sit at the same table.  Now, their words obviously didn’t mean that much, judging by their current status, but they were at the table.  If I remember correctly, at the point in time, Al was in his office, with his butt firmly planted in a chair (I wonder if he would still be able to get in and out of that chair…).  If you want more of my opinions about Gore and his work, feel free to click this link to an older post of mine titled An Inconvenient Idiot

Peace out (no, really!)


~ by xristosdomini on October 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Social Commentary in a Minor Key…”

  1. I think the Nobel committee defines peace as having the world ruled by unchallenged utopia-seeking dictators that haven’t yet declared an intent to rule Switzerland.

    They are obviously not fans of Christianity or capitalism. I’m a little surprised they didn’t pick the benevolant prince of persia.

  2. I’m with you on this one… Unbelievable…

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