The Ten Commandments of Video Games

1.  Thou shalt not shoot thine own teammate except for pure comedic value.

2. Thou shalt not enter any room with an empty ammunition clip

3. Thou shalt not accept an offer to “team up” with someone else… obey this law and thou shalt live long in cyberspace

4. Thou shalt always pw3n thy noobie first

5. Thou shalt not turn thine back to thy “partner”… unless thou be running like hades itself be behind thee

6. Unless thou be-est a sniper, thou shalt not camp behind cover and shoot the noobies that run past, for it is the best way to cause another to violate Commandment #1

7. Thou shalt not throw a grenade directly at thy teammate.

8. Thou shalt not divulge from the subject at hand while in game… attempting to distract the man that is pw3ning you by shouting about how glorious and factually correct Michael Moore is, is actually very poor form.

9. Thou shalt not weep like a little girl after getting pw3ned

10. Thou shalt not run out of ammo… **click, click…… POW! *snickers*…”you noobie!”**



~ by xristosdomini on October 25, 2007.

13 Responses to “The Ten Commandments of Video Games”

  1. Lol,this is brilliant!
    Wicked cool.

  2. lol, thanks… you got here quick


  3. If you fail to live according to the commandments, to which level of what game do your eternal lives go?

  4. well… I don’t think there is much of an afterlife in the world of video games… Now, reincarnation, that is a different story. The “reset” button does wonders for your cyber-chi… or so I have heard.

  5. You’re too funny, and brilliant, too!

  6. As I read this, I am so grateful we always turned “friendly fire” off when we played shooting-type games together…

  7. lol, kind of comforting, eh?

  8. 11. Thou shalt not settle for any game that will run on a cell phone. So doing will cast the productive hours of thy days into the dumper.

  9. 12. Thou shalt not play cell phone games while driving. Reservest thou that time for texting only.

  10. Lol, those are a little pointed, there, sir….

  11. Art thou complaining, oh sage of software? Peradventure thou doest smart where my rapier pokest??

  12. I’m not sure that’s legal in Missouri……

  13. Video Game Commandment #8.

    Thou Shalt Forever FRAG N00BIES Until The End of Time.

    Video Game Commandment #1.

    Thou Shalt Forever Read Thy Game Instructions.

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