To Sleep or Not to Sleep…

That IS the question………. or is it THE question?  I don’t know.  Yep, DST is officially ending as we speak…  So, do I take the extra hour of sleep so I can be awake for work tomorrow… or do I stay in the prayer room for an extra hour like a good little intercessor?  Eh, I think I should sleep…. the extra hour will help me be “Fast, fun, and friendly” tomorrow…  I hope this decision is “on target”…. (hah)

Good night all (I think…)



~ by xristosdomini on November 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “To Sleep or Not to Sleep…”

  1. In hindsight, I would have to agree the extra hour of sleep might-could have been good.

    I, on the other hand, remembered to fall back about mid-morning on Sunday as I was on my way to you-know-where. Turns out the extra hour gained that way just makes the day seem extra long.

    Still, more time for having fun…

  2. I vote sleep, every time! Well, except when I could be in the prayer room. I am an addict, you know… Maybe I should join a step group… Naw!

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