H*, H*, H*, Merry X-mas!

What is the world coming to….. seriously…….  According to the Associated Press, people who were hired by temp agencies to be Santas in Australia have been warned to specifically not use Santa’s traditional “Ho, ho, ho!” when speaking to kids in malls………… because it is offensive to women.  No joke.  According to the temp agency, it is too close to the American slang term “ho” for a prostitute.  Instead, multifarious Santas are being encouraged to say “ha, ha, ha” or “hee, hee, hee”… I wonder when that will be verboten because it is too close to the pedophilian/psycotic “heh, heh, heh…”  In my sister’s words, “if you start banning syllables, there are a lot of words we won’t be able to say anymore…”.

X-mas or Christmas?  Who cares?  Now I understand people freak out about this one a lot because it is “removing teh ‘Christ’ from Christmaz!”  Okay… but you don’t see the pagans throwing a fit that teh church dun hijacked a traditional festival to the goddess of fertility and *gasp* started celebrating the birth of Christ.  I think of it as encouragement… the pagans liked our festival better… when’s the last time THAT happened.

Now for the serious explanation….  the latin term for the day Christmas is Xristosmas.  Xristos being latin for Christ (which is actually Greek).  So in fact, X-mas is a short way to say Xristosmas, just like saying C-mas (like we do in chatrooms for speed) is a shorthand way to say Christmas.  So, is the “X” a removal of Christ?  Not technically, but I am relatively sure some unthinking witnit uses it as such.



~ by xristosdomini on November 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “H*, H*, H*, Merry X-mas!”

  1. Interesting – I had wondered…

  2. Nobody likes insulting “Ho’s”…it tends to get ugly and bad for mall management.

  3. Totally…. I watched Phone Booth, so I know what’s up…

    Actually, I think if you choose to go into prostitution, you deserve whatever happens for you.


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