Saturday Night Influenza…

Okay, so I have decided that the term Homo Sapien is too broad.  For someone like myself, I need a new classification.  I’m think something like Dorkius Maximus.  So, last night was Saturday night, and I’m leaving the prayer room when I notice that everyone is being particularly quiet tonight.  I get out to my car and get it started…. then start wondering when I turned my stereo down that far.  I get home, and my roommate was trying to talk to me about something automotive.  I reached up and removed my ear plugs so I could hear him… wait a minute……………..  Yeah, I felt like a dweeb.

On other notes… My worship team IS DA BOMB!  Yeah, give me two electric guitars on a set, and I’m like a kid in a canday store (not a candy store, CANDAY!).  Last night’s set was the Midnight Intercession set immediately following the NightWatch staff meeting.  Clay Edwards spoke at the staff meeting and it was really good… he had some really good stuff to say about not comparing gifts and such to other people (and got in a heck of a rib at Cory Asbury).  The only downside to having the midnight set is that our team has almost no time for a normal briefing prior to the set.  Usually Cassie manages to pull it off nicely… last night, we thrashed it.  Between my choir-like reverbs (stereo delay is my best friend in the booth now), the dueling electrics, and another amazing song selection, it was an awesome set all around.  Oh, and welcome back to singing Emily Russell!  For those who didn’t know, Emily is one of the most amazing singers at IHOP (and one of the shortest), and she has been out for a while with voice nodules.  After several months (almost a year, if I remember correctly), she has finally been cleared by the doctor to sing again… and guess who’s team she joined….. Jill and Cassie’s… IE, the same team that I run sound for five nights a week.  So yeah, we are pretty much awesome.

 For whoever reads this blog, if you think of us on the NightWatch, be praying for us.  Right now it seems just about everyone and their dog, their uncle, their dog’s uncle, their dog’s uncle’s second cousin twice removed, and so on are getting sick.  Part of it is just the weather changing, part of it is the junk that always circulates about this time of the year, and part of it is that we are always primed for attack because of our general lack of sleep, sunlight, and food.  So yeah, pray that the Word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified.

 Peace Out

10-4, good buddy



~ by xristosdomini on November 18, 2007.

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