Basher, am I Become…

For those who have read some of my other stuff, they know that I try to remain A-political about most subjects….. unless we are talking about politics. Well, one man has earned my ire above many others. Namely, Al Gore. Now, I won’t delve too much into the many, MANY issues with “An Inconvenient Truth” (particularly because I have already done so on my blog– it was my first real post) for the sake of reducing my own redundancy. I won’t even talk about the squwak with the 2000 Presidential elections (ancient history as far as I am concerned). Rather, I am more concerned about Al Gore’s newest book “Assault on Reason”.

For the doubters, lets take a look at the endorsements on the back cover…


Praise for Al Gore:
“Earth in the Balance is a brilliantly written, prophetic, even holy book, clearly pointing the way we need to change… I pray it will have the dramatic impact it deserves– and must have for our collective salvation.” M. Scott Peck

“A work of intelligence and passionate authenticity… Gore has produced a labor of statesmanship, evangelism, and scientific exposition. His work itself is an act of leadership.”– Time Magazine (Emphasis is mine)

 Well what do you know… apparently Al Gore is into writing “holy books” and “works of evangelism”. I can’t remember who I was talking to about the subject, but I remember telling them “if Al Gore is the messiah of the world, then the world is in deep soup.” I’m not in a mood to debate the “merits” of global warming, and I’m definitely not in the mood to debate any past political movements (like the 2000 election), but I am in the mood to ask for thoughts on how much “idol worship” seems to be flocking the environmentalist movement. Maybe it is just me, but it really feels like Gore has been put on a pedastal that he neither deserves (a nobel peace prize for global warming activism?), nor really seems to be accomplishing much with (other than get his face on the news again… and again… and again).

I posted this originally on an online message board I use, and here are some of my favorite comments from there……

“The funniest thing about Gore is…
he lost to the hated Bush…the ignorant…the tyrant…the evil rich guy.
If Bush is so bad…how bad was it he LOST to Bush…????”

“He didn’t. That’s what makes weirdoes like me so disgusted: Bush did not win the popular vote in the Bush/Gore election of 2000.

As Rush would say, Gore flunked God! Remember he was a failed theology major.

Theology does not bring one closer to God. Besides that, Bush flunked English. And for a while there, Rush couldn’t even pass a urine test.”

The funniest thing about Gore is…
he lost to the hated Bush…the ignorant…the tyrant…the evil rich guy.”
If Bush is so bad…how bad was it he LOST to Bush…????”
“Because people were broadsided by a moron? Because the Bible belt would rather support a war monger that calls himself publicly a “Christian”? Because there is almost a fine line between democrats and republicans in numbers? Choose one.”

“If Gore is so environmentally friendly and urging the world to conserve, shouldn’t he give up his private jet that uses more fuel for less people than flying commercially? He can claim conservation all he wants until it interferes with his very wealthy lifestyle. I don’t see him riding a motor scooter to his events but as always, flying first class in a a private jet. I guess his “religion” might be Gorism. “


Thanks to everybody who responded on the message boards, and I guess this makes me a Class “A” instigator of conflict… (YaY!)



~ by xristosdomini on November 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Basher, am I Become…”

  1. Author’s Note: When on the message board, this post was originally titled “Who Knew… Apparently He IS Leading a Cult”

    Since I am relaying more the story of what happened than just the post itself, I felt a need to change the name.

  2. Ooooooo. You ARE a troublemaker.

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