A Completely Useless Quote…

“Whenever you endeavor

to weather a storm,

The question you must ask is thus…

Whether the weather

will bless your endeavor,

Or leave you sitting flat on your bum.”– Me (and yes, it is in poetic form on purpose)

So, I thought of this at work (ironically, towards the end of out store’s Two Day sale for thanksgiving)… and I noticed just how cold it is outside compared to inside.  I realized that X-number of Americans (probably in the hundreds of thousands, maybe a million or so) sat outisde for X-number of hours in unbeLIEVEably cold weather…… because something their kids MIGHT ask for for Christmas is on sale.  Now, the majority of stuff that gets put on sale will go on sale again later this season, and if everyone was as “reasonable” as I am when it comes to “pain/reward” stuff, I highly doubt black friday would have been dubbed so (said with a slight snicker).  Now, my stunning realization of how desperate people are to look like they are saving money was aided by the fact that the company I work for gives me uniform pants that protect me from nothing other than prying eyes… it was windy… I have to do parking lot checks… Did I mention it was really cold?  I think you get the picture.

So while I was sitting on a chair that I couldn’t feel, waiting for my feet to stop tingling and my legs to thaw, suddenly inspiration came.  I must admit, I feel much the same about the way people sat on the concrete for days prior to the Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii launches.  One guy went so far as to fly to Japan and sit on the sidewalk for two weeks to get a Playstation 3.  Now, in Oklahoma, that was a surprising cold and windy week as well.  If I remember correctly, the ground temp was only about 48 degrees and falling quickly (for ground temperature)… thirty mile an hour winds… temps in the 20’s-30’s every night… and we still had people in tents at the local BestBuy for FOUR DAYS.  Now, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I have a job… and a life, for that matter (okay, it’s a pitiful one, but it exists).  So the question then becomes, is it really worth loosing a couple hundred dollars in time off work (for the game launches at least), the ten bucks in gas (if you only go to two stores), the years off of your life expectancy (lets face it, its stressful), getting heckled by passersby on the street and freezing your bum off…….. for a tickle-me-elmo and a salad shooter?  I think on a normal, sane day, most people would say no. 

However, there is something about the traditionality of Thanksgiving that goes beyond the Turkey and Stuffing on the acutal day.  Thanksgiving now seems to not be complete without the also traditional running of the shoppers in Pomona (yes, it’s a pun… and a small city in California, now that I think about it), the ordering of Pizza the second the place opens on Friday, and the busting out of Christmas decorations on Saturday.  Maybe the “consumerism” is going to my head, or maybe I’m just too tired to be thinking straight… either way, I think I was the only person in the store on black Friday that is used to being awake at 6 AM.  By 6:10 the team members looked drawn and perplexed.  By 6:15 the guests were looking confused that so many of the doorbusters were gone.  By 6:20 most of the really “hot” toys were sold out.  And by 2:45 PM when I went to the store to actually work…….. it was all over.  Just another three-day weekend at Robin Hood’s hangout (think about it…).  So here is the quick recap of my shopping adventure……

Season 3 of the television series “24”…… $20

The “300” two disc widescreen special edition… $6

Massive bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s….. $1.50

Getting to laugh at the consternation of people who don’t seem to care that they still have six weeks until Christmas………… priceless



~ by xristosdomini on November 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Completely Useless Quote…”

  1. Black Friday seems to have scrambled your poetic self. I’m glad your sense of humor survived more-or-less intact.

    We always used to say something about “if you have to explain it…”. You have evidently discovered a way to short-circuit the process by adding the explanation in as the punch line. I think that puts you somewhere between Thomas Edison and Milton Berle!

  2. Oh, and just an oooch toward Robert Frost.

  3. Thanks……… I think………@-)

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