PLO= Pretty Lame Ode…

Okay, there are three reasons why I should preface this post.  Namely, I was thinking about this topic because of the opening of the Mideast Peace Conference that opened yesterday… then I was looking through my “My Documents” folder and came across this thing I wrote… I have no idea why I wrote it, or why I thought of it for that matter, but it made me smile to see just how far my sense of humor has come.  Magic?  Try sleight-of-brain…The Ugliest Terrorist…

To the tune of Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer


We’ve hunted Osama, and Saddam, and Idi,

Zarqawi, Moussouwi, Kaddaffi,

But do you recall, the ugliest terrorist of all……


Araphat, the ugly terrorist,

Has a very puffy face.

And if you ever saw it,

You’d wonder what truck he chased. (GOING TO THE WRONG WAY!)


Araphat, the ugly terrorist,

Has a very bad attitude.

Because none of the rest of the world,

Is gonna buy his light crude.


Then one dusty time of year,

Uncle Sam had come to say,

“Araphat, with your eyes, so beady,

You really don’t need WMD…”


Then all the troops surrounded him,

And loud music started to play.

Araphat, the ugly terrorist,

Came out with both hands raised.


The moral of the story is,

If you’re gonna break the law,

You better have an ear for Mettalica,

Or else find a different job


Yeap, it seems I’ve always had a mind for current events… I honestly don’t know why I felt like posting this for the world to see… but I figure most of the people I would be most concerned with impressing know I’m something of a dorkaplatipus anyway….





~ by xristosdomini on November 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “PLO= Pretty Lame Ode…”

  1. Yeep! I can see the “head of shame” now… 😉

  2. And oh what shame it is to see the way my head worked just four years ago…….. too bad somethings never change, eh?

  3. Hey, while you’re here let’s make an MP3!

  4. right…… you keep suggesting that, and it keeps sounding like a bad idea….

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