Deconstructing a Flight, Pt. 2…

Have you ever noticed how the various classes on a flight reflect the various stock markets?  I noticed…. while I walked ever further back towards the tail of the plane…  Scarily metaphoric, I know…

Imagine the First Class passengers on your last flight…  These would be your Dow Jones types… The Big Boys.  They sit there in their posh, leather seats with a calm, cold exterior knowing that they have everybody else’s money, sipping martini’s and chowing on a steak while everybody else gets half a soda and a tiny bag of stale pretzels.  Yet inside you can see them sweating bullets about keeping said wealth.  When the numbers are higher towards the top, that means you are the man… window seat, 3 feet of leg room, and all.

Then you got the business class.  This would be your NASDAQ type crew.  They are a little bit quieter and less volatile (and a bit less wealthy), but it’s relatively easy to step up a notch when one of the big boys in First Class oversleep and miss their flight ($50 upgrade?  Shut UP!).  They are always looking for that next big idea to launch them forward into the main event (Nano techs and Venture Capitalism… what a combination).

Then you have coach……… oh what to say about coach class…….  Yep, they be the Standard and Poor’s 500 type (pun fully intended)… It’s loud, it’s cramped, it has little people wanting to be big people….  They call for the stewardess every five minutes only to find out they didn’t pay enough to be able to buy the fake alcohol that came free with the next class’ ticket.  But hey, if the plane does hit a mountain, all of us that were duct taped to the wings and tail will be sitting there waiting for the rescue team singing “I’m a survivor” and thinking what geniuses we were for not paying too much to sit in front…  It’s twisted, but it’s what I think about when I don’t have much sleep and an early flight that got cancelled.


PS….. wow…. look at all the amazing runon sentances……


~ by xristosdomini on December 4, 2007.

One Response to “Deconstructing a Flight, Pt. 2…”

  1. Wow… You’re deep… Or something is… 😉

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