Random Thoughts from an ever more Random Mind……

Joining the EU is apparently a dream come true… or was that a nightmere?  Yep, it’s Christmas time in Romania, and they have a very big tradition… slaughtering pigs for the Christmas ham (it’s gotta come from somewhere, right?).  Well, this year Romania stepped up to the “big time” by joining the European Union.  The EU has launched an official protest to the 200+ year old tradition of slaughtering their pigs… saying that it needed to be “modernized” (pussified).  Instead of having families going into the backyard and taking a knife to their beloved hogs, the EU would prefer that the animals be killed….. by using a stungun.  I’m “dead” serious.  A couple of questions I would like to ask… (1) why do we care about whether or not the pigs are injured on their way to the table (either way, they end up dead… or they get a bit of a shock for no reason)? (2) A knife has a much better likelihood of actually killing the victim in one attempt, so why is a stungun “more humane”? (3) This from the same people that think that abortions should be legal and subsidised?  Listen to the far left, folks…. Kill your children if you like, but you better be nice to your PIGS.

The illegal immigrants have taken their business elsewhere.  Somewhere other than Kansas City, that is.  Yep, there is a certain activist group (National Council of La Raza) that is fighting for the rights of Hispanics in America.  As nobel as that sounds, it means they are fighting for Constitutional rights for illegal immigrants as well as legal citizens.  Hey, you entered the country illegally… lets see how you take traffic law…  Well, this group was slated to have their 2009 conference in the new Sprint Center in Kansas City.  However, they objected to the city because mayor Mark Funkhouser (I love his last name) had appointed a certain someone to the city council… a certain someone that is a part of the Minutemen group… yeah, the guys who run around reporting illegal immigrants to the goverment (those scallywags) and advocate a constant patrolling of the US-Mexico border (oh how shocking).  The thing that really made this laughable is that the woman in question was a 73 year old grandmother… and she was appointed to the city’s Parks board… the guys who consider “off leash” areas for dogs and outdoor party permits.  God bless Mayor Funkhouser for sticking to his guns on this one.  The “civil rights” group was objecting to the minutemen, calling them “…an extremist group that espouses hate and vigilanteism…” not thinking about the idea that the board this woman has been appointed to has (A) a hispanic President and (B) two african-american members.  Well, the NCLR has officially announced that they will be moving their confernce elsewhere… to somewhere where they don’t ask the government to enforce the law… San Francisco might be a nice fit.  Here’s the quote from the NCLR Chairwoman Monica Lozano… “Our decision is a clear expression of support for Kansas City’s Hispanic community. An active member of the Minutemen should not be an official representative for a city that purports to believe in diversity.”  Yep….. read it carefully.  “We think we should believe in diversity… unless you disagree with us…”  Mayor Funkhouser responded, “If I am going to claim to support diversity, I need to do so racially, ideologically, and politically.”  Amen, sir, Amen.

OneThing is coming…  Yeah… December 28-31.  OneThing and The Call: Kansas City.  It’s going to be a huge event, and I am totally stoked about being able to help out this year.  On that Sunday, my team will be doing a set in the Prayer Room on site at the conference (which means I get to do a set for a truly international audience **squeak**).  I’m also going to be working security for the bookstore that weekend, which means a little extra $$… which is something I haven’t had in a while.

What happened, and when did I grow up?  Sunday is December 16th… December 16th is my Birthday…  I will be turning 20 years old.  For the last six years of my life, my identity has been in being a teenager.  As of five days from now, that will no longer be the case.  I’m a little young to be having an identity crisis, but I gotta admit… I feel old.  Hopefully I can find something new to wrap my identity in… (what about Jesus?  oh yeahhh…. **slaps forehead forgetfully**).



~ by xristosdomini on December 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Random Thoughts from an ever more Random Mind……”

  1. Welcome to the “forgetfully slapping the forehead” phase of life.

    This period is important to your later development, and usually accompanies the thought, “Geez, my parents were right about that after all.” The forgetful slapping reaches a fever pitch usually after the second child is born, and is often so frequent and violent that your bruised brain forgets where your forehead actually is. Fortunately, your muscle memory sustains the activity.

    This activity reaches its climax when you have totally forgotten that you tend to slap yourself in the head, and just as quickly forget that you just did it. At that point you join Homer Simpson in the incredible surprise of each reflexive self-flagellation, and react with the impulse expostulation, “Doh!”

    I’d suggest you just let it happen with grace. Here, have a donut, you’ll feel better…

  2. mmmm… donuts… The thing that makes that really funny is that my sister and myself just took a trip to the donut shoppe this morning after leaving the prayer room… ACK! I’m turning into an American Cartoon!

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