Idiocracy at it’s finest…

Okay, as a very telling sign of where this post is going, I was inspired to write it while listening to some pseudo-journalist whining on NPR… not the best start, I know, but it’s fitting.  The quote, and I kid you not… “Not yet, but I will be very alarmed at the state of democracy in America if this (Global Warming) is not one of the main priority issues in October 2008.”  This is akin to having Al Glore declare the scientific debate around Global Warming “over” when it is quite obviously far from it.  Right now, it is about 25-30 degrees outside my window and snowing quite peacefully… I’m just burning up about Global Warming bringing on an ice age, aren’t you? (note the ironic sarcasm)

Last time I checked, Democracy meant that the nation, as a whole, decided what was important to it as a whole.  Then this slightly strange person declares that unless we are all nervous about the environment (his hot button topic) six weeks prior to the general election, Democracy must be dead?  From what I can see, this guy must be feeling marginalized by society… to be sure, it’s because he is… however, Christians are oft bereft of recourse when some “freedom from religion” type comes accusing them of imposing their will and morality on society.  And yet by doing the same thing with the environment, you too can win a Nobel Prize!

If you really want something that will make you sick, I was watching a video on the internet from a British news broadcast where Al Gore was in Bali this week.  Now, Mr Gore stood up in front of the world, as a former VP of the US of A, and told the whole world in a very knowing fasion that the good ‘ol Red, White, and Blue is one of the number 1 obstructions to progress and hope in the “fight against climate change”.  That wasn’t the scary part… the scary part was the little name plate on the bottom of the screen.  The name plate that said, “Nobel Laureate Al Gore: ‘United States obstruction to progress!'”  Yeah, I know… I wanted to hurl too.  Lets face it, Mr Gore, you kind of shot your respectability and influence with mainstream America in the foot by being the VICE-President to something of a promiscuous wuss from Arkansas.  Are we one of the main obstructions to progress?  Probably… but that’s because most of us don’t think Al Gore actually knows what he’s talking about anyway.  Come on, the man claimed he invented the internet… that’s pretty much tantamount to John Tetzel (priest during the Reformation) claiming that his paper indulgences could save the soul of the man who violated Mother Mary herself.

For the record, I do think that the environment is somewhat important… but definitely not on the same scale that pro-life legislation is.  One is an issue of absolute morality, and the other is an issue of conscience.  Lets get our morals straight, and then lets worry about making the world a Utopian paradise…



~ by xristosdomini on December 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Idiocracy at it’s finest…”

  1. Al Gore probably will use this as a campaign to try to become the president. Or maybe not. We’ll see it.. 😉

    I add you in my network, hoping to see my blog into your favs soon.

  2. Hopefully not… I keep hoping the man will just go away now that he has his unwarranted Nobel Prize, but I doubt it.

    Oh, and for whoever cares, my blog is officially over 3000 hits. I guess I’m in the “Mickey Mantle” club, eh? And without taking HGH, no less!

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