Such Beauty can Kill a Man…

I have discovered a new pleasure in life…  There is nothing in this life quite like walking through a gentle snow while chugging a White Mocha from starbucks.  Yeah, it sounds strange, but of all things, nothing is quite so pleaureable of being out in so much cold, snowy goodness, and drinking so much warm, gooey goodness, that it brings a smile to my face and puts a spring in my step… or is that the caffeine?

Also… snow is really slick… not exactly fun to drive on.  However, with some skill in thinking ahead, it can be possible to navigate without killing someone or causing grievous property damage.  For example, on Main street in Grandview, the plows and salt trucks hadn’t made their way through at the time that I went to the Post Office.  So, knowing that I had a big left turn to make onto a snowy street, I purposefully turned a little short… and just like a pro, I drifted perfectly into the groove left by other cars driving in the street.  After making this turn, I realized “Oh… that wasn’t exactly safe, was it?”  Amazing how something that seems so innocent and peaceful can be so dangerous to your continued livelihood.

 Oh, and God has amazingly good aim, it seems.  Walking the twenty feet from my car door to the front door of Taco Bell, I had no less than four snowflakes fly stright down the collar of my hoodie.  That’s a pretty good trick considering that hoodies aren’t particularly wide fitting around the neckline, and aren’t particularly good baseball players.  So, in one day, I managed to turn my car into a “do-it-yourself” toboggan, get violated by snowflakes, and still have time for coffee and a couple episodes of “24” season 1… all before 9:00 PM.



~ by xristosdomini on December 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Such Beauty can Kill a Man…”

  1. Wow. There’s no way to instill confidence in your family’s hearts like describing your driving as “not exactly safe” and turning your car into a DIY toboggan.

    I love you. Don’t die. 😉 I think I’m glad we decided that I would drive tomorrow.

  2. Sarcasm noted… you punk… I think the fact that I didn’t hit anything in slippery conditions speaks well of my driving ability. 😉

  3. …violating snowflakes. i had a good laugh at that one.

    Yea- white mocha’s and snow. delicious combo, i agree.

  4. interesting day, and made for great reading 🙂

  5. yeah, aren’t I special?

  6. Your auto insurance provider reminds you that your rates reflect *risk* of future accidents. Please be safe.

    signed –
    Totally horrified parent…

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