Assorted News from the Associated Press

Okay, this may feel a little random, but it’s a quick picture of what’s going on in the world.  Yes, I do like Foxnews… it leans a little to the right (for a change), but is closer to being impartial than many others.  I’m going to give my version of the subject, a short synopsis, and then the link to the actual article for those who want to read it.

  • Russia’s political Iron Man
  • It seems our “friend” Vladamir Putin is refusing to go away.  According to the (AP) article, Russia’s current president has considered anything and everything from changing Russia’s Constitution to be able to run for the Presidency for life to outright retirement.  Now he has said that if his “heir apparent” is elected, he will gladly accept the offered position of Prime Minister.  And we all thought Hillary was bad for running for the Senate after being First Lady…,2933,317096,00.html

  • Do we really want these types of people in our country?
  • Guess what?  In the 365 days between September 30th of 2006 and September 30th of 2007, our Border Patrol Agents along the US/Mexico border have been attacked some 987 times.  For those of you who need help with the math, that means that we average somewhere between 2 and 3 attacks on the border per day(actual average is 2.704 a day).  These attacks have ranged in stregnth from ball bearings in slingshots to thrown rocks to fistfights with agents on the US side of the border.  So, for all that might be considering amnesty or an open border as a good idea, ask yourself this…  The people you are looking at extending amnesty to are prone to (A) law breaking (they didn’t even enter the country legally) and (B) violence.  So… do we really want illegal aliens in our country after all?,2933,317210,00.html

  • Finally, someone else is more concerned with their image than the USA
  • Now, I have a particularly bad dislike for out politicians being so concerned with out international image that we don’t do the things we need to (ie, interrogate terrorists).  Shocker of shockers, someone else is more concerned about how they look to us then we are to the rest of the world.  Who is it?  Try Saudi Arabia.  Yep, a 16 year old girl gets gang raped (not just raped, but gang raped), and the religious court sentanced her to six months in jail and 200 lashes for being alone with a man she was not related to.  You read that right.  A rape VICTIM was convicted for being a VICTIM.  The punchline is that because of the particularly harsh criticism from el Presidente Bush, Saudi Arabia got nervous about it’s PR campaign… so King Abdullah commuted the sentance of the victim to a full pardon.  It’s a rarity, but the King isn’t an idiot either.  Having a strict religious court makes them an easy target for Human Rights groups, the National Organziation of Women, and UNICEF… so they feel a need to keep the US Government playing nice with them.  About time someone else felt the pressure of being in the spotlight.,2933,317066,00.html

  • Hello, Iran-Contra!
  • Apparently Iran is making a political/diplomatic push into Nicaragua.  Seems reminiscent of the Cuban Missle “thing” of the 70’s, doesn’t it?  So Iran is borrowing a couple pages from the USSR playbook (maybe the whole portfolio), and is asserting themselves in one of the houses down the street from the USA.  Things of note, a deep water port– capable of housing submarines and an Iranian embassy in the capital city of Managua… both curtesy of Tehran.  Also to be noted is that the AP reports there is a fear that Iran is trying to connect with Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guard units already in Latin America.  Anyone feel like guarding the borders yet?,2933,317193,00.html

And finally, stuff I have learned from research.  Did you know that President Bush’s approval rating has gone up?  Apparently he is all the way up to 34% approval (up from his lowest of 28%)… notice how you don’t hear about that on the news?  When he was plummeting, it was everywhere, but now that he seems to be recovering, forget it.  The bit of irony?  Congressional approval rating is down around 25%… looks like it’s going to be a bad election year for incumbents.  May God grant wisdom and revelation to the voters in this election year.

 Amen! Let’s stand!



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