Three White Guys and a Wii

So… my roommate has a Wii… I have no clue how he got it as fast as he did, but he’s had it since early this year.  Recently, we purchased a game called Red Steel (Ubisoft-2006), and it is cuh-RAZY!  Anybody remember this dude?

Okay, so that was the teaser… now take a look at some of the actual gameplay. 

To be sure, the video doesn’t do justice to the intensity built into the game itself…  The soundtrack is one of the main highlights of the game.  During a firefight, it’s an amped rock/techno groove… but afterwards it’s an eerily spacy ambience type thing… and the transition is seemless.  Also to be noted, highly destructible environments, authentic voice acting (including people who actualy speak Japanese who are speaking Japanese), and a stunningly clever AI system.  The ability to slow time doesn’t hurt either.  The sword fights are a little difficult to get the hang of, but once you get the idea of it down, it’s quite pleasurable in an almost… soothing kind of way (because we all know how therapeutic bleeding out can be).  It’s all fun and games until someone pulls a Katana…

Props to Ubisoft… they say that Red Steel 2 is coming, but they just haven’t started making it yet.  This has prompted a flurry of hype and word of mouth on the internet.  Youtube itself is getting overloaded with people speculating about Red Steel 2 (it’s worse than the flap over the quadruple kick-flip thing… youtube users beware).  This is the kind of stuff that advertisers dream about… everybody knows about their product, and they haven’t even begun production yet.  Nintendo seems to enjoy releasing facts about games before the are even close to coming out (they are doing it with Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, and now Red Steel 2), and it seems to keep just enough hype without losing consumer confidence over the lack of supply on the Wii and Wiimotes.  Brilliance in advertising means headaches for consumers.

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~ by xristosdomini on December 22, 2007.

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