Redefining a Hero…

Hero- n. (Gr.- HE-row) (1) a lovable moron who does an extaordinarily brave thing and doesn’t so much as get a cookie for it. (2) a former roommate who comes to get you when you are trapped in the snow at 4:30 AM. (3) Your’s truly.

Yep, I fit all three of those descriptors.  So, I’m at the prayer room… and there is about 5 inches of fresh powder on the ground outside… including on the road.  I get a call from one of my roommates from Track 1 of Fire in the Night.  Fortunately, I’m still on the NightWatch, because the guy was stuck in the snow.  Now, it’s not that he was driving too fast and got taken off the road like a normal person.  Nope, this guy was taking his boss home from work (he delivers pizza), and hung out at their house for a while.  When he leaves, he gets out to his car, and lo and behold… he had a flat tire.  So he gets out the spare and puts the spare on the car.  Guess what?  The spare is flat.  So he calls me up, and asks me drive over into the Ruskin Heights area to come get him… in the middle of the night… in a rough neighborhood… with snow everywhere.  Did you read my description of being a hero already?

When all was said and done, it was a total non-event… I drove over, picked him up, dropped him off at his apartment and booked back over to the prayer room to catch the last 45 minutes of the 4 AM intercession set.  But the principle is that I showed up in the middle of the night and drove through the snow to get my buddy… okay, maybe it wasn’t heroic or all that scary, but I did it!



~ by xristosdomini on December 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Redefining a Hero…”

  1. You’re a hero!

    As the baptists would say, you’ll probably get a jewel in your crown for that one. But you can only discuss it as a prayer request, you know: “I’d like to lift up my former roommate in prayer – he’s having a rough time with two flat tires in the snow – why, he called me at 4:00 in the morning all upset – so I prayed about it, and really felt God was leading me to do some snow ministry…”

  2. Hehe… I could go Word of Faith style… “In the name of our Lord, I WILL not be getting called to rescue another hapless soul!” Eh, it wasn’t that bad… at least I got to talk to the dude again… it’s been a while.

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