One Thing is needed…

Today… Friday, December 28th, 2007 marks the first day of OneThing ’07.  For those who don’t know, the OneThing conference is the biggest conference hosted by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and it is always the last four days of December.  At 2 PM local time today, some 10,000 people will converge on Bartle Hall in downtown KCMO to sign in to and attend the opening session of the OneThing ’07 conference.  This December is a culmination of a veritable roller-coaster for the folks here at IHOP-KC, and the number of manhours of labor that has gone into preparing everything for this conference, making everything work during the conference, and cleaning up after the conference is just mind boggling.  And to put it all in perspective, the 500 or so full-time staff members at IHOP are all “strongly encouraged” to volunteer for at least two sessions of the conference.  So not only is it the biggest conference we have all year, it’s all being done with a staff of 500 people.  Consider the OneThing as IHOP-KC’s “Battle of Thermopylae“.

Well, it’s finally here.  For this reason, the Global Prayer Room (the one that usually hosts the webcast) has been moved!  Until the conference is over, the GPR will be splitting time between being downtown at Bartle Hall (during the day) and the FSM main auditorium (for the NightWatch).  Well, that switch took place at 8AM today as the prayer room officially moved to FSM, and later today will start at the convention center.  As me doing my part to help the conference run smoothly (especially with a predicted total of 20,000-25,000 people), I have been drafted to work security (aka, Crowd Control) for the bookstore on Saturday and Sunday.  Why, oh why would I turn down the opportunity to pick up more hours at my other job so I could help the Prayer movement?  Because in the end, I’m winning… (insiders are either laughing or applauding right now).

 Nobody really likes to talk about sacrifice… Christians least of all.  That’s why so much of a  monastic lifestyle makes so little sense to the majority of the world.  To a rational “normal” mind, it makes absolutely no sense to give up stuff for a calling of God. It doesn’t really matter if it is sleep, food, possessions, or luxuries… if we are asked to give it up, we politely refuse and claim grace. But here is the thing… by giving up our “luxuries” we develope humility and are made worthy of a much greater prize. Any “loss” I might have brought on myself by holding the line on service to God and the prayer movement… is the tool by which I gain humility, and the path to reward in the age to come.

So… am I foolish?  Absolutely.  But when Jesus returns and makes the wrong things right, even this will come before the throne of Judgement.  Does it suck to know that I could have made more money somewhere else?  Yes… but I’m winning.  In the end, the only thing that counts is what God told us to do, what we told God we would do, and what we actually did.  Just remember… in eternity, I’m winning…



~ by xristosdomini on December 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “One Thing is needed…”

  1. You’re winning…

  2. That I am… did you like the links in the post?

  3. YAH!

  4. hehe… “I like to move it, move it!”

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