Let The Games Begin…

I’m officially a student at the Forrunner School of Ministry in Kansas City.  It wasn’t a particularly smooth process, but I got through it.  It’s always intriguing to see what happens when somebody pokes an “organizational bubble” with a sharp stick (or a dull person, for that matter).  No matter how good the planning was, all it takes is a couple people who have no clue, and it becomes complete chaos.

January 9th, 2008… the day the “1st year, 2nd semester” FSM students got registered and began orientation.  They had devised a relatively clever system to get all 70-90 people registering for FSM or FMA (Forerunner Music Academy)… too bad they never really explained it to the registrants.  I was told that everything started at 1:00 PM… so being the good little boy I am, I showed up at 12:50.  For some reason I had the thought that if I needed to know anything, they would make a big deal about telling me so… this was not the case.  Let me give the short version of the process… 1) check in with the desk on the side of the room, (2) wait in the studen lounge to be called to register, (3) go downstairs to pay, (4) go back upstairs to recieve prophetic ministry, (5) have your picture taken for a student ID, (6) wait in the classroom for orientation to actually start.  Well, nobody explained this process while I was in the room.  So, needless to say, I did everything inside out.  I ended up going up and down the stairs about six times… and then I finally got it right enough that they let me in.  It was quite akward trying to pay without having to register for classes… and then trying to register for classes without having checked in…  Essentially I did 4-6 before doing 1-3.  Yep, I’m a dork.

 After the “hilarity” of having made a fool of myself (after all, I AM me), Allen Hood came in and gave us an hour and fifteen minutes about the overview/groundwork/vision of FSM and FMA.  It was all very good to hear, and I definitely needed to hear it… yet, in true IHOP-KC fashion, there was a handout of notes, and Allen didn’t get through them all.  He kept interrupting himself to mention “stories that I don’t have the time to tell…  So here’s what happened…”  I love being here… there is no pressure to do everything you “should” do in a normal lecture/worship time, and everybody enjoys not having to do it.

Then we had a lunch break… and uber-props to Chipotle’s on State Line for giving all the students a free burrito as a “welcome to KC” gift.  Also, uber-props to the FSM business office/dean of student affairs office for getting them to do it.  **yum**

After the break, we all reconvened in the FSM building, and there was a slightly unusual session.  Rather than having a sermonette on some subject related to being studious, they had the main leaders of FSM/FMA sit in chairs at the front of the room, and Wes Hall threw questions at them.  In the words of the VP of student affairs, “we want to take time to show that we are real people, just as much as you are.”  It was quite a good time as we heard stories about the most embarassing moments in the Prayer room (like having someone pray for Djibouti… think about it), favorite movies (for some reason, Brent Steeno loves “A Christmas Story”), and the like.  So yeah, I enjoyed myself… but boy did I get off to a bad start… thank God for grace coming new every morning, eh?



~ by xristosdomini on January 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Let The Games Begin…”

  1. Adam, may your time at FSM be everything you’re praying it will be and much, much more!!! (All good, of course!)

  2. Thank you very much… both for the well-wishes and the blog visit. Feel free to come back and read my rants anytime… there should be a new one at least twice a week.


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