I, College Student.

Today is a big day… Today is the day that I turn in my first ever real-deal homework assignments to FSM.  Not particularly big assignments here, just a two page paper on the Transcendence of God and a worksheet for the Thursday evening Practicum.  I guess it’s time to see if all my practice writing with my blog has paid off at all… especially since so much of what ends up here is snippets of news stories, standup rountines, and political dogma anyway.  Maybe one day, if I feel in “the mood”, I will take my Transcendence paper and post it as a blog post… but that will be a while coming, I think.

Week one of classes is in the books… and I have perfect attendance so far.  Barring a nuclear holocaust, that should continue throughout the semester.  If anybody reading this blog has a few bucks to spare for an intercessory missionary, I can absolutely use it.  I would love if someone would be interested in supporting me monthly, but I know quite a few can’t… especially with all the uses of the dreaded, ten letter “R word” on the news recently.

 So, classes are off and running, work is a jerk, and the prayer room is hoppin’… bad pun and all.

 ‘Till next time, my good friends…



~ by xristosdomini on January 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “I, College Student.”

  1. I’d love to see your paper! If you don’t feel like posting it publicly where it might tempt your classmates to copy your fine scholarship, you could just email it to me.


  2. Sheesh! Thanks for the reminder of why I love the ministry of IHOP-KC and the fruit it brings forth in people’s lives. “just a two page paper on the Transcendence of God”!!! Gee whiz, is that all? Just a couple pages on the trancendency of God? Why don’t they give you anything deep to write about? 😉

  3. Heh… tongue in cheek, maybe… but the difficulty is finding something more to say than “God is transcendent… we have no hope of understanding Him.” And since I know I can’t BS the people grading the tests, it has to be worthwhile. Hopefully I will remember to get a head start on this next week. No, I don’t know what my subject will be yet.

    I just might E-mail my paper to people who want it, but I might just post it… I’m still waiting to see how I feel.

  4. maaaan i wish my assignments could be a two-page paper on the transcendence of God… pretty sure you go to the coolest school ever… 😀

    i pray that you have an incredible time at FSM… that you would truly grow more and more in knowledge that would fuel your heart to love Him still more and more 🙂

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