Where are we now?

The Presidential race is heating up (not much cooking yet, but it’s getting hot), the situation in Iraq is looking up, the situation in Pakistan is looking down, three countries have descended into massive bloodshed and violence due to their elections, Algore is still contributing to Global Warming by refusing to shut his yap (a lot of carbon dioxide escaping there, pal), the sky has not actually fallen in yet, the European Union is getting deluged with people positioning to become members, the republicans are hyping the agreement on the economic stimulus package, and the democrats are trying to bog it down in the senate with porkbarrel spending.

Oh yeah, about that economic stimulus package…  Everybody is saying they want to pass it quickly.  The house is expected to pass it “as is” in the first week of February, and then send it to the Senate where it will get top priority.  Unfortunately, the Senate Democrats are pitching fits because of what ISN’T in the bill.  Namely, there are no extensions to unemployment benefits (which would be counterproductive because it places a spotlight of employers spending more money in payroll taxes so they can’t hire as many people anyway), there are no rerouting of funds into “domestic infrastructure” (ie, highway overpasses, deeper drainage ditches, that kind of thing), and there is no bump in spending on Nutrition Education…  Yeap, you read that right.  The Dem’s in the Senate are willing to send us headlong into a currently non-existant recession because the stimulus package has nothing in it about spending more on educating people about how to eat like a rabbit.  Hmm… who is running for President on the DNC side?  Oh yeah… two current senators and a former senator…  are we sure we want to elect these people?

 Personally, I think they are barking up the wrong tree with the economic stimulus package.  The tax rebate will be nice come July (just in time for the new Christmas decorations at the mall), but I think there is an easier way to avoid the recession.  My economic stimulus package is quite simple, really…  The next Government bureaucrat to use the nine-letter “R” word will be promptly relieved of their position.  With the expected success of this program, it can even be extended into the private sector.  The next economists to use the same offensive language on television will be exiled or executed for treason.  This would cut much duplicity out of the Federal Government, save some $60,000 per year per perpetrator, streamline much of the information gathering about the actual economy, and the “recession” would go away beacue people would STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!

By the way… posts like this are the reason I will never be elected to public office.  Sorry to dash any hopes of those who were “lining up” to vote for me.



~ by xristosdomini on January 28, 2008.

7 Responses to “Where are we now?”

  1. Hehe… your paragraph on the 12-letter R word (whew! I almost said it) still makes me laugh.

  2. I like it!

  3. What about if we fined them all several thousand dollars every time they said it. That would build up the economy pretty quick, don’t you think?

  4. Nooooo!!!

    Government officials never pay fines with their own money, and never with money they already have.

  5. Amanda: What 12 letter “R” word? It’s only nine…

    Dorean: I was going to say it, but your other half beat me to it. Officials never pay fines with money they had prior to the fine being levvied.

    Brian: I hear angels… admittedly, they are laughing, but it’s angels.

  6. That was me thinking I remembered what you said and not bothering to actually count or go back to look it up.

    I mean, I was thinking, “badrecession.” “Recessionist.” Um. “Prorecession.” “RecessionAAA!”


  7. all this recession talk has gone to your head, eh?

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