Red flags… and vision.

Okay, I have a habit of allowing people second chances… but this worries me.  Basically, Barack Obama’s pastor is being criticized for vehement disparaging of the nation Obama is running to control.  Admittedly, 9/11 was tragic and I believe it was a judgement of God on this nation.  However, the things mentioned in this article have made my stomach turn.

I’m not sure what more unsettling.  The idea that this pastor is making statements vaguely similar to that of the Nation of Islam (black people should condemn America en masse, and that America is ruled by rich white people) is disturbing enough… keep the syncretism outside of orthodoxy, please.  However, I find it more troubling that Obama felt no remorse distancing himself from someone that he has been accompanying for 15 years, because of comments that this person made six years ago.  Thing to be noted, these quotes are coming from sermons in 2001 and 2003… when Obama claims to have been a faithful member at that church… and he is surprised at these allegations?  Come on, if he were a faithful member of that church, he would have been there when these statements were made.  Which means either tacit agreement, or complete emotional detachment.  Neither of which are particularly helpful for your “spiritual image”.

 Consider if you will, that I were running for president (ick), and I had hired a white supremist as my chief of staff.  If it is someone I have known for a while, nobody would believe me if I showed shock over statements this person had made a couple years earlier.  In fact, I would get labed a white supremist as well.  Yet for some reason, Obama escapes this with his dignity and “patriotism” in tact.  My general rule of thumb… the first person to cry “hypocrite!” is usually trying to cover up their own hypocrisy.  Just my personal opinion.



~ by xristosdomini on March 15, 2008.

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