What the ((insert word of choice here)) is Wrong With New Yorkers?

Okay, this has been one of those “What the………” months in New York politics.  Not just New York, but most of the northeast has been quite puzzling this month.  As reported on Fox News (and most major news outlets), New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has stepped down from his duties in disgrace following his expensive prostitute and sex scandal.  Now, this is quite a knock to the DNC, seeing as how Spitzer was elected after a campaign in which he postured himself as the “Anti-corruption”, “morality”, and “rule of law” candidate, and Spitzer is a Democrat.  But it gets worse beyond that.

Spitzer apparently was not alone.  After being declared “His Horniness” of New York, Liutenant Governor (now Governor) David Paterson blurted to the world that he and his wife had been involved in “long” (3 years) extra-marital affairs.  Where do these guys keep coming from?

Also “coming out” of New England politics this week, former Governor of New Jersey James “Creepy” McGreevy (the guy who resigned after telling the nation [and his wife] that he is in fact gay and promiscuous) has dropped yet another bomb.  Not another guy… but that his wife (who is in divorce proceedings) is just as kinky as himself.  Yep, apparently prior to being elected, “McSleezy” and his curious boyfriend were tied up in a triangle with his wife… literally.  I won’t go into details, but you can imagine how flustered the almost former Mrs. McSleezy has become with this revelation.  Since she has released a flat-out denial since the allegations came to life, Fox News put it this way… “It has become a case of ‘he said, he said, she said.'”  Should some sicko be reading this and wants the details, I will put links to both stories at the end of this post… if you don’t believe me and want to see for yourself, the links are there for you.  This is why we need to pray for the government… so many people that get elected are psycho in one way or another.


Paterson patted too much…


McGreevy comes out… again



~ by xristosdomini on March 18, 2008.

One Response to “What the ((insert word of choice here)) is Wrong With New Yorkers?”

  1. I had completely forgotten about this post… but the “elected/psychos” correlation is still somewhat disturbingly accurate…

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