Amazing What a Lack of Humility Can Do…

I am going to do my darndest to keep this a-political… but I doubt I will succeed.  Basically, Barack Obama’s church has a new pastor (for obvious reasons), and his first sermon was Easter Sunday.  The day we typically refer to as Resurrection Sunday… the day we set aside to celebrate Jesus death and subsequent resurrection…  remember that Jesus guy?  Apparently this new pastor doesn’t.  His Easter Sermon was entitled “How to Handle a Public Lynching” in which he drew a parallel line between the coverage of Reverand Jeremiah Wright, Jr.’s indiscretionary blathering with the death of Christ at the hands of the Romans.

Now, if I’m not mistaken… Resurrection Sunday is supposed to be about Jesus, yes?  Here is the quote that FoxNews pulled out of the Sunrise Sermon… “No one should start a ministry with lynching, no one should end their ministry with lynching.”  Except… Jesus’ ministry ended with a lynching, and it was the salvation of mankind.  Did Reverand Otis Moss III forget this small fact on Easter, or is he just too enamored with the former pastor to realize what he said?  Were we to be following his rule, Jesus would not have been crucified and we would still be in our sins.  I think I’m glad that the world is an evil place.

 Essentially, this church is holding up their racist and semi-disgraced pastor as a martyr for their cause for “social liberation”, and have equated the man with the heady company of Ghandi, Jesus, and Martin Luther King.  As much respect as I have for Martin Luther King as a motivator and “agent of change” (ick… I hate that term) and for Ghandi as a (humanistic) philosopher, neither deserves a place in the same breath as Jesus… let alone Dr. Jeremiah Wright.  Here is the closing statement from the sermon by Reverand Otis… “In order to crucify him you’ve got to lift him up … he had more visibility on the cross than he did during his entire ministry”  Now… in a normal church we would assume he was referring to Jesus… but I’m not so sure anymore.

Were you to ask my personal opinion, this isn’t buying Obama any brownie points with the religious community… particularly since he wasn’t there.



~ by xristosdomini on March 24, 2008.

One Response to “Amazing What a Lack of Humility Can Do…”

  1. As a quick side note, the title is a referrence to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus told His followers that “if someone slaps you on the right cheek, turn and let him strike the other as well.” Considering that this turning of events does not seem very likely in the “Crystal Ball”, the title of this post is what it is.

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