(1) Open mouth. (2) Insert foot. (3) Feel smart

As the democratic primary season continues to draaaaaag on, the two candidates are doing a fantastic job of destroying themselves.  On NPR, they declared that the Democratic political strategy is a simple one… when your enemy is shooting themselves in the foot, let them.  You keep hoping that eventually these two knuckleheads will run out of bullets… but let’s get serious… these are politicians.  As long as they have oxygen in their lungs, politicians will always have the potential to implode their own campaign with little-to-no warning.

Most people will remember Barack Obama’s political campaign not because of how genius the political strategy was, but rather because of what a dipwad of a pastor he had.  As fair as this may or may not in fact be, it is the fact.  There are two big questions to be asked, in my opinion.  The first being, “if you hate America, why are you running for President?”  The second being more along the lines of, “if you were a faithful congregant for almost 20 years, how did the revelation of your pastor’s comments from three years ago surprise you?”  Were I allowed a third question, I would be remiss if I did not ask “how do your toes taste, Senator?”

Hillary Clinton has now gaffed in an astoudingly dumb way as well.  Yes, Mrs. Clinton  has declared to the world that when she went to Bosnia in ’96 to meet with teachers and students in the area, that she remembers canceling the tarmac ceremony because they landed under sniper fire and ran screaming for cover. This sounds very patriotic and emotionally stirring because any buffoon should be able to look it up and verify the claim so it must be true… right?  Apparently nobody considered that the buffoons would CNN and FoxNews.  According to the footage being run every ten minutes or so on CNN, Mrs. Clinton landed at the airstrip, calmly disembarked the military transport, was horded by loud school children, and greeted by several teachers with big smiles.  Oops.  Obama’s crew is playing this up like it was a major gaffe and Clinton is saying it was a small misstep of the tongue.  I think they’re both wrong.  It was a flat out lie.  Too bad it didn’t work.  All I can say is, I hope there wasn’t any lint between those southernmost digits…



~ by xristosdomini on March 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “(1) Open mouth. (2) Insert foot. (3) Feel smart”

  1. I hope there wasn’t any lint between those southernmost digits…


  2. “I hope there wasn’t any lint between those southernmost digits…” ew ew ew reeeally bad mental picture… mental taste also… blehhhh

  3. lol… I wouldn’t know… I don’t make a habit of sampling my toe-cheese…

  4. eeeeew toe cheese… you know too many synonyms… well, you’ve only mentioned two. but i don’t want to know any more… :S

    nooo i don’t know what it would taste like… but i imagined a bad taste… very bad taste. with fluffy lint balls. i can imagine the taste of lint. like when you get fluff in your mouth… weeell, more texture than taste.

    bleh i am thinking too much about this… :S

  5. Lol… I’m blessed to have a sizeable vocabulary.

    As for the lint stuff… avoid kilingons… at all costs… they smell, they don’t make you look smart, and it’s just gross. That’s what made it funny. 😉 :rolleyes

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