Mental Note…

It hurts like the dickens to peel duct tape off of your face………… especially if you haven’t shaved in the last couple of days… 




~ by xristosdomini on April 8, 2008.

11 Responses to “Mental Note…”

  1. Can you say “Duh”? I knew you could… 😉

  2. Cheeky!

  3. Hehe… there is a story to go along with that note… but it will have to wait until later. I have to go to chapel right now.

  4. One might wonder how you ended up with duct tape on your face in the first place. Please blog.

  5. i ask the same question as amanda

  6. Okay, if you must know I ended up with duct tape on my face entirely voluntarily. I’m doing a speech semi-fast during the GBF, and I thought duct tape would be a great way for me to prevent myself from accidentally speeching. Guess what… it hurts to have duct tape tugging on your facial hair…

  7. Hehe… were you left with a hairless rectangle on your face?

  8. Um, it’s a good idea to stick the tape to something else to get it de-stickied a little before applying it to skin… Sheesh!

  9. No… fortunately my German genes are very stubborn… it would take a lot more that pitiful duct tape to yank them from my face.

    Unfortunately that didn’t do much to alleviate the pain of the experience. I’ll have to remember about the “stick-unstick” thing next time…

  10. Next time, you should super glue your lips closed. I’m sure that’ll feel great, too. (Please don’t let me find a blog, next GBF, about the painful experience of parting lips that have been super-glued together.)

  11. lol, well… I was considering Gorilla Glue… NOT! That would have been flat out stoopid…

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