Why the Anarchists Have A Very Good Point…

Government… it’s big, slow, inefficient, and generally louses up your life.  There is a major reason for this, and I’m sure my immediate family has a pretty good idea of what I am thinking of.  Bureaucracy!  To be sure, bureaucracy is a tool (no pun intended).  With that tool, you can quarry a finished rock, or you can bludgeon the mason to death.  In Missouri it seems to be the latter.  Just ask anyone who has tried to register their car with the State… Missouri bureaucracy is definitely an instrument of torture. 

So, to register your car you have to first get a safety inspection ($12 at a liscensed mechanic).  Because everybody in Kansas City is trying register their cars at the exact same time you are (or at least feels that way) you have to have a fair bit of luck to actually get in the mechanic’s shop.  So after sitting around for an hour-and-a-half to be rewarded with twenty minutes of poking and prodding at your machine, you pay up your $12 and toodle off to City Hall.  Once there, you need to acquire a tax waiver by proving that you paid “Personal Property Tax” for the last two years on the vehicle (note, it doesn’t have to have been YOU paying, but somebody has to have)… you do this by producing your registration for the last two years.  After recieving your waiver (preferably without incident) you go sit in line for 2 hours waiting for a window to free up. 

As you get up to the window you are forced to provide all the paperwork that might even hint at the condition and ownership of your car, your driver’s liscence and the rights to your firstborn child.  Then you sit there for five ten minutes while the clerk makes up an excuse to make you go away.  Generally this excuse involves sending you home to retrieve some impossible to find piece of paperwork, but that is not even close to the upward limit of their creativity.  In my time at the Missour Department of Transportation, I saw no fewer than thirty people go talk to the various clerks… of those thirty, I counted about ten that left with either (A) smiles or (B) what they came there for.

Just imagine a world without bureaucracy… you could actually go to the state office and say, “here is my title, here is my money” and they would GIVE YOU LISCENCE PLATES!  Amazing the possibilities that open up, isn’t ?



~ by xristosdomini on April 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why the Anarchists Have A Very Good Point…”

  1. Uh…

    I’m imagining the world without bureaucracy, and when I want license plates, there’s nowhere to go to get them.

    The state government needs less money because noone works there shuffling redundant papers, storing and distributing license plates or little stickers or keeping bits of paper that say I officially own the car I bought and drive, running computers that I can’t access to tell who-knows-what to money lenders and police departments and insurers about how I drive my car, and whether I’ve had someone look at the condition of my car whose primary interest is selling me taxable repairs, not my own safety…

    Then the state without bureaucracy, not needing the money to run a department where nobody works, and having noone to keep records of things that don’t otherwise benefit the state government, has noone to collect taxes to fund said agency.

    Somehow the state without bureaucracy governs, treating owners of shoes, bicycles, and automobiles equally.

    But, the state without bureaucracy *hires* someone to collect taxes on cars anyway because every other state does, and what state couldn’t use the extra money? If you’re rich enough to own a car, any complaint about paying a little tax is just selfish. Shame on you.

    Of course, that someone who collects the tax will actually need to be a bunch of people because there are so many cars. And they’ll need a building to house their office, convenient locations all around the state and people to work ’em, and computers to keep track of who paid and who didn’t. Enforcement folks and little stickers and license plates and nosey redundant forms that have to be notarized for no good reason…

    Now my imagination hurts.

    I think the sad reality is that bureaucracy is a consequence of the fall, and is declared in the curse of Genesis 3:17-19, right next to the thorns and sweat. Look it up 😉

  2. Oddly enough, it seems I wrote a political post on the anniversary of my blog… which started with a political post… Maybe I have a theme, yeh?


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