Vista Gets Nelsoned!

Nelson- v. To kill off a character in a serial drama, esp. Soap Operas.

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates has announced that there will be a replacement for the Windows Vista operating system “probably in late 2009”.  Now, one would wonder why the quick turnaround in operating systems… particularly when Microsoft has invested so much of their money into building this program that few have actually wanted, and many have switched from back to XP.  I think I just answered my own question.

Really, the only thing that Vista has going for it is that it is an amazing platform for gamers.  Other than that, it’s a real pain in the burro

First off, reverse compatibility is an issue.  Many of the programs designed to run on windows 2000 or ME have difficulty working on Vista because there was such a dramatic change to the core code (much like the problems the PS3 had running PS2 games).  If you have a “pet program” that you can’t live without that was supposed to run on windows 95 or earlier, forget it…

Secondly… you know how there is the argument against gun control that says that the only people it hurts are law abiding citizens?  You can place that same argument on Vista’s security settings.  Administrator privilages?!?!  I’m the only registered user, what do you MEAN I need “Administrator Privelages“?!?!  All of this, and I’m still not immune to viruses, trojans, and spyware.  (On that note, if anybody needs a good spyware protection program, check out Spybot Search and Destroy)

Third, the amazing amount of updates.  There are always a ton of them (seems like they come out with 5-7 new ones every month or so), and if you are connected to the internet at the time, Vista will just download them without telling you about it.  On the one hand that sounds rather convenient, what with your computer striving to keep itself up to date and all.  However, while downloading it kills your internet lag time, it will restart your computer on it’s own when it goes to automatically install said updates, and then takes ten minutes to turn off your computer.  Oh… and windows throws a fit if you turn off the automatic updates… “You have not checked for updates in more than ten days, DO THIS NOW TO PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER!”

So while the graphics capability is nice… I think that those of you who held on to XP are starting to look like geniuses.



~ by xristosdomini on April 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Vista Gets Nelsoned!”

  1. You’re too funny. I especially like the “install said update” photo… As for VISTA, I could cry… After all the hoopla and jumping through the hoops (hence the hoopla, I suppose) to work with VISTA, they’re taking it away??? I just hope all the stuff I got to work on VISTA still works… I hate computers….

  2. Lol, technology is great when it works. I think I enjoyed the idea of having your computer need a walker for the internet…

    A lot of people were crying because of Vista… and for many, MANY different reasons.

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