God is very clever…

I’ve been praying for a couple things for myself recently…  First is that I would get a television for a good price.  Not just because it would be nice to have, but because I need to replace the monitor for my desktop computer anyway, and an LCD television could also be hooked up to my DVD player that is collecting dust in a box.  Secondly, that God would help me improve my finances.  Putting aside the seemingly contradictory nature of these two requests for a minute, I am pleased to say that God has accomplished both in an amazing way.

To start with, my hunt for a television has ended.  I had decided a while ago that my tax return was going to go into a television for myself… because it was money I had done without for the last year, and I could use it how I liked without messing up my budget.  So before telling the story, here is the end result….

This is the major blessing God saw fit to give me...

I had gone to Best Buy last week to price compare.  I found a very nice 26″ LCD made by Sharp… absolutely beautiful picture quality, and I loved the way it looked.  Unfortunately, said television was $800… I said “I’m not paying that much for a television!”  So lucky me went to work yesterday, and the above pictured 32″ Sony Bravia was on clearance for about $700 (originally $900).  It was still more than I had anticipated, but I decided I was going to go for it.  The fun bit being that since I bought the display model, I got 30% off the price for it… then another 10% for working there… then another 10% for signing up for a credit card.  Bottom line… I got a television 6 inches bigger than the one I had looked at, plus a three year warranty for a grand total of $450.

The really fun part is that that is way less than my tax return was for this year.  So God blessed me with a huge deal on a television, and I got to keep a good portion of my tax return.  Admittedly, I feel loved, smart, and really ecstatic at God’s clever means of provision.  That’s all I really had to say, but I felt that it was worth blaring to the world.


P.S. to the person who dropped a check in the mail to me, thank you very much.  Absolutely everything helps, and I was able to help out several of my friends with paying their tuition for this semester.


~ by xristosdomini on April 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “God is very clever…”

  1. Adam, you sound happy AND grateful – enjoy your TV!! God is good!!

  2. I wish if God can bless me the same way,but our God work and bless people differently.
    Please do pray for me so someone can be touched by God to bless like he did to you.

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