Marking a year.

As of the 9th of this month, I have been laying “The Beat Down” on the world on the world for one year.  In rememberance of this momentous occasion, here are the links to some of my favorite posts from the last year…


  (1) Open Mouth (2) Insert Foot (3) Feel Smart
An Exodus to make Egypt Proud
The Tribulation Survivor’s Guide
Viagara for Terrorists
Basher, Am I Become
The Ten Commandments of Video Games
Decentralization of Theology

And finally, the one that started it all……………
Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Idiot”

Here’s to another year… without even having to run for office!


~ by xristosdomini on April 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Marking a year.”

  1. Happy Anniversary, Adam.

    Gosh, has it been a whole year already? Wow. Keep on pontificating, dude!

  2. Yop… The Beat Down kicked off with the first post back on April 9t of 2007. For those who read my rantings, thanks a bunch, and I’ll keep it coming!

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