Stop, Stop! You’re Stealing My Soul!

It may seem a little superfluous to write this rant… particularly with my Sister’s excellent post regarding much of the same topic.  Basically, I’m interested in putting an axe to the spirit of this age.  As the world continues to grow dark, we are seeing that darkness show up in many ways in the mire of morality formally known known as “pop culture” (to hear a slightly different slant on topic, feel free take a look at one of my previous posts).

I was at work… again… a very dangerous place to be spiritually.  Admittedly, any time you venture outisde of the greenhouse (aka, the IHOP bubble), there is a potential to get rained on… but why does it have to happen when I’m at work?!?! (long story, I may tell it sometime)  Anyway, I was at work.  At work there is a display for the new Blu-Ray DVD’s.  The display isn’t that impressive… it’s not much more than an occasional 30-second plug detailing how Blu-ray is so technologically superior to DVDs (deservedly so) interspersed amongst commercials for multifarious films that have been released on blu-ray.  However, I was standing there putting a shelf back together that had been torn up, and there was this phrase that kept coming up… “Buy it today!”……… “Buy it today!”……… “Buy it today!”  Over and over and over again.  I was utterly disgusted at the consumerist message. 

First off, if I cared about the crappy films they were advertising at all, I would already know they were out and probably purchased them.  Secondly, I was reminded of a quote from a song by rapper John Reuben (note, the song is “Sales Pitch” off of the “Boy vs. the Cynic” album) that said “It’s a battle for your mind and a battle for your pocketbook.  They’ll play on your emotions until your heart is hooked.”  It is becoming increasingly clear to me that the modus opperendi of the spirit of the age is (A) consumerism (B) sensuality and (C) the occult.

After the realization of how infested pop culture is with these three broken cisterns, I have to admit that I started to feel a little guilty.  Not just because I have seen within myself where bits and pieces of the spirit of the age have embedded themselves into my consciousness, but also because I’m aiding in the propagation of the same.  Yes, it’s true… I work for “The Man”.  Not to go overboard, because I totally understand the need for general retail locations to exist… better prices for the less “well heeled” (archaic, I know), convenience in the “one-stop shopping” mentality, and the enormous amount of people employed by the same.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that it fuels the consumeristic nature of this age.  Aren’t I glad I’m living for a different one, eh? **says him with the smirk and the new television**  Conviction is grand……  And yet, at the same time I don’t think “Come get your eternal damnation, now half off!” would help drive sales… recession or otherwise.

Fight the tide!



~ by xristosdomini on April 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stop, Stop! You’re Stealing My Soul!”

  1. Well said. I hope your night in the “bubble” helped wash off some of the muck and mire of the un-bubble world!

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