Enthroned at Which Flood?

In case anybody isn’t already aware of the weather that is wracking the midwest with storms like we haven’t seen since…… this time last year at least… It’s raining.  It’s been raining for about two days straight.  By the way, the basement of my house floods periodically when it’s raining… oh, by the way, I live in the basement…  Right now, I bet I could keep crocodiles quite comfortably in the coziness of my cottage (pardon the aliteration).  To this point, we have been fighting the tide for ten hours, and we have dumped at least seven completely full wet-vacs of water (probably about 35-40 gallons).  We have used just about every towel in the house, two wet/dry vaccums, and a wooly blanket off of a bed… yet the water just keeps trickling in.  If someone would like to donate beach chairs and a life preserver, I might start charging admission to my basement and have a pool party.

None of the electrical equipment in the basement has been damaged in this escapade, and it isn’t anything close to, say, white water rapids.  However, the slow leakage of water into the basement from the outside wall is rather annoying when trying to study for a test tomorrow.  Provided I don’t drown in my sleep tonight, I will most likely be freaking out about my test tomorrow evening.  Until then, sez la vie…



~ by xristosdomini on April 24, 2008.

One Response to “Enthroned at Which Flood?”

  1. Golly Adam, that doesn’t sound so good.

    Just the thought of that trickling sounds makes me feel like,
    *excuse me*

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