I’m Officially Convinced…

Cessationism can officially take a kick in the pants.  In case you haven’t heard, there is a healing revival happening in Florida as we speak.  I know I have heard several people object to this notion on the grounds that Todd Bently is the one currently directing spiritual traffic in the Lakeland (FL) area.  However, for those with doubts, I am now convinced that that the miracles are in fact genuine.

One of the guys on my worship team has a sister who has had a heck of a bad year.  She has been sick for quite some time (I believe it was close to two years or so) with a mysterious illness that the doctors couldn’t diagnose.  All said an done, they gave the general prognosis of some kind of auto-immune disorder.  The scope of this disorder was that her body was convinced that her organs were foreign objects, so her immune system begain attacking, shutting down, and destroying her organs one by one.  To give you an idea of how bad it was, she had already gotten her gallbladder removed and the disease was beginning to spread to her brain.  Her parents took her down to Lakeland this last week.  One way or another, she ended up on stage (everybody is still a little fuzzy on the details because my friend hasn’t even heard the whole story yet) and Todd Bently prayed for her.  After some amount of time “resting in the spirit” (let the reader understand), she got up and had no pain of any kind.  This is the girl who the week before was crying herself to sleep every night because of the intense amount of pain associated with her illness.

According to the brother (the one who is on my worship team), they are going to be taking her to the doctor again when they get back to get it confirmed, but everybody knows that she has no pain anymore (after six months of constant torture), which means at the very least the disease is in remission if not completely cured.  God is love, God is powerful, and God cares for us.  It only makes sense that He is interested in bringing life to our mortal frames.

God is good, and way to go Kelsey!



~ by xristosdomini on April 27, 2008.

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