Humanism By Any Other Name.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this as a sports fan… not a religious fruit-cake…

The Olympics. Brilliance of marketing can be found in the dark halls of the International Olympic Comittee. They take the idea of a festival used by the Ancient Greeks that celebrate strength, speed, skill… some kind of greek fertility goddesses… and then “modernize it”. Lets face it, worshipping fertility gods and goddesses is just too archaic for the modern world. So rather than worshipping idols, they worship each other. Who can have the best architecture, the fastest time, the strongest muscles, the quickest mind, etc., and then immortalize them in front of the whole world as the apex of human evolution. Now, of course, this global phenomenon can’t outright call itself homo sapien worship, they need a politically correct term for it.  How about “a celebration of sport”, or “a celebration of the human spirit”?    Puts a rather nice spin on idol worship, doesn’t it? 

“Let the weak say, ‘I am strong!'”– Joel 3

Admittedly, there have been some amazing, dramatic, (half-way) heroic performances by some of the athletes.  I’m thinking specifically of things like Jacky Joyner Kearsey running the 100 meter hurdles with a busted knee (in Atlanta, 96), Kurt Angle winning a gold medal in freestyle wrestling with a broken neck (Atlanta), 4 Jamaican guys beating the odds to compete in the winter Olympics (Seoul, 88), Afghanistan allowing their first ever female athlete to compete (400 meter dash, Athens 2004).  That is amazing, stunning, entertaining, inspiring………… all for what?  A gold-plated medal, a name, and maybe a world record.

Now the fun part.  The host cities of the Olympics have been decided up till 2014.  The “lucky winner” for the 2012 Olympics is London.  Goodie for them, right?  Consider this… the largest church in Europe (Kingsway International Christian Church in London) is getting evicted from their own property.  Why?  Specifically so that England can build a new stadium to hold the 2012 Olympics.  The largest church in all of Europe is getting expelled from their property so that the “secular” government can erect a massive edifice to showcase the power, precision, and “glory” of the “human spirit”.  My, how Athenian of you… 

Pray for the church in Europe… they need Jesus to touch their continent.



~ by xristosdomini on April 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Humanism By Any Other Name.”

  1. You forgot to mention that Europe’s largest mosque is being allowed to be built right next to the place, while the city has so far not found a suitable property for the church to be rebuilt… travesty….

  2. Yeah… London has become the Muslim capital of Europe. Amazing that one of the flash points of Protestantism has now become a den for one of the least “evangelizable” people groups on the planet. In considering the goodness and the severity of God, I’m getting a new spin on the prayer of Daniel 2… “He changes the times and the seasons…”

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