Don’t Despise Small Beginnings…

Okay, summer has officially started for me.  That being said, amongst all the stuff I’m going to be doing that I had already been doing, I need to add a project for the summer to replace the time I would have spent in school.  I think I found a doozy that is right up my alley…

Joel…  I have a Bible program on my computer (PowerBible… can I get a holla..) that blesses me with Hebrew and Greek interlinear translations in the KJV window.  I’m finally starting to put that interlinear function to good use.  Basically, I’m going to go through the book of Joel with the interlinear Bible and the Hebrew lexicon to essentially re-translate the book of Joel.  I’ve already started with four verses just to get my fingers and brain warmed up, so here is the teaser spot…

Following, I bleed my breath upon all flesh.  Your appointed ones and the apples of you eye prophesy.  Your elderly  will firmly bind dreams, your choice youth shall see revelations, expectations by dreams, and visions.  The servants and female slaves in that day I will bleed my breath upon.  I give miracles (tokens or omens) in the air and the firm (the earth), blood, fire, and columns of smoke (dust, smoke, anger).  Brilliance changes into dark, and the moon to blood at the face of the exceeding and feared day of YHWH come.  They that invite the character of YHWH escape: Mount Zion and Jerusalem are the escaped portion, as YHWH says, and the survivors YHWH calls.  Joel 2:28-32

If anybody is intrgued by this little teaser and wants to see the finished product (should be sometime around the end of this month) feel free to send me an e-mail (if you don’t have the address, use to contact form in the “Adopt a Missionary” page) and I will send it to you in a notepad file once it’s done.  I guess you could say this is my first big foray into the realm of theologians.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there is more to come…



~ by xristosdomini on May 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Don’t Despise Small Beginnings…”

  1. Please put me on your list.

    I’m curious about your process – what criteria do you use in settling on the wording you chose (I get that Strong gives you many alternates for each word – how/why do you pick one) ?

  2. Oo! Oo! Can you see my hand waving frantically in the air???

  3. The criteria is relatively simple. After reading the definition (including the etymology) of the word, what possible translation conveys the idea and still fits the passage. For example, the word that is translated “I will pour out” in Joel 2:28 (NKJV) is a root word that literally means to spill forth as blood.

    Since the translations (more likely, transliterations) of the word given include gushing forth and pouring out, the idea being given by the word itself is to bleed out. It is attempting to convey the same idea as if you cut your finger and hit an artery. That rapid gushing of blood is the kind of “pour out” it is talking about.

    Hope that makes this a little more concrete. I’m not even going to claim that this is authoritative by any means… read it next to a “proper” english translation and marvel at God’s way with words.


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